Zoofrenz NFTs

Zoofrenz NFT Overview

Project Information

The Zoofrenz is a collection of animal avatars that live in their home in Zoolandia that was founded by Alex Chu. Alex was on the team of artists who designed hit games such as the Halo series and Destiny. The genesis collection features 6,666 ape avatars that are known as the "ape frenz." 

Each ape frenz generates $FRENSHIP, holders can use the $FRENSHIP they receive to purchase a "fully rigged high-fidelity 3D playable character." Users can then use their 3D avatar in compatible metaverses. 

According to the project's roadmap, there will be 2-3 new animals added to the collection by the beginning of 2023 and the community will be voting on what animals are added into the Zoolandia universe.