Zunks NFTs

Zunks NFT Overview

Project Information

CryptoZunks are generated on-chain with randomized attributes and guaranteed to be unique from any CryptoPunk. They refer to themselves as the last 10,000 punks. Zunks are not affiliated with Larva Labs.

The sole Lead Developer of the project is known as Kane in the Zunks discord. While Zunks were launched in August, the project lost support until November where the Zunks community was revived by Kane and a new community team.

While CrypoPunks is the first 10,000 Punks, Zunks are numbered 10,000 - 19,999. Zunks' attributes were able to be re-rolled until 8/13/21, after which the collection's metadata was officially finalized. Zunk holders will receive exclusive access to upcoming launches such as Zpets and airdrops by Figmatic Labs.