Around the Blockchain | Chikn Farm Sells Out Roostr Expansion in 14 Minutes on Avalanche

Around the Blockchain | Chikn Farm Sells Out Roostr Expansion in 14 Minutes on Avalanche

This week's news from around the blockchain includes: Chikn Farm expansion, NBA Top Shot Holo Icon release, March Madness NFTs, and more.


This Week in Avalanche

Chikn Farm released its next set of NFTs, the Roostrs.

The presale for eligible players took place on Thursday, followed by a public mint on Friday, which sold out in 14 minutes.

Roostr NFTs are similar to the Chikn NFTs but enhance the overall idle game’s ecosystem. Every Chikn lays $EGG daily, but by “feeding” a Chikn NFT (using $FEED), the NFT gets upgraded to produce more $EGG. Now, players can use $EGG to upgrade Roostr NFTs, which produce $FERT. $FERT can be used to upgrade Farmland, the third NFT currently in the ecosystem.

The team plans to launch breeding soon by utilizing $EGG, $FERT, and Roostrs in some way. After an incredible amount of volume to start the secondary trading of Roostr NFTs, the Roostr floor on Chikn Farm’s native marketplace has risen to 7.0 AVAX, while a floor Chikn is 24.8 AVAX.


In additional Chikn Farm news, the company announced a partnership with DeFi Kingdoms in a somewhat cryptic tweet sent on Wednesday. Few details were given, other than to say that top players in the Chikn ecosystem will somehow be “rewarded accordingly” in Crystalvale, the new Avalanche-subnet-based DeFi Kingdoms expansion. More details are expected at any time, as the official comment on the initial tweet indicated a follow-up announcement would be forthcoming after the (already sold out) Roostr mint.

Navy Seal Game, a Wolf Game derivative on the Avalanche blockchain, minted all 2,500 Gen0 NFTs on Saturday. The team was ready, and the game immediately went live after the mint.

Gen1, a collection of 10,000 NFTs, is currently being sold for 20 TNT, the in-game token earned via staking. The final iteration, Gen2, will cost 30 TNT and have a max supply of 10,000, making for a total supply 22,500 NFTs before the game evolves into its next phase. Already minted Terrorist, Navy Seal, and POTUS NFTs can be found on NFTrade, whereas staking and minting new NFTs with TNT can be found on the Navy Seal Game website.


This Week in FLOW

On Thursday, NBA Top Shot dropped another release of its flagship legendary and rare packs, the Holo Icon release 2 and Premium Pack release 3, both containing Metallic Gold Limited Edition moments. The drop itself went smoothly. But at some point during the day, a little less than 200 2013-2014 Run It Back Series 1 packs were incidentally made available at their original sales price of $59.

Although originally intended to be used as a challenge reward for the Holo Icon legendary moments, Dapper Labs was forced to change that, as they allowed the sold packs to remain that way.

Here is the official statement, as posted by @topshot_updates on Twitter:


In other Dapper news, NFL All Day announced that the first historical drop is finally coming this week on Friday, Apr. 22 at 2 p.m. ET. The packs will feature the rarest moments yet, an Ultimate tier Brett Favre melt from his first game after losing his father, in 2003.

The "In the Spotlight" packs will cost $84 each and contain four moments, all of which will feature players connected to Favre in some way. While the total number of packs to be sold has not yet been announced, the Ultimate Favre moments will be limited to a total of 10.


This Week in Solana

Right before March Madness, this column discussed bracketX, an NFT that doubled as a way to participate the tournament bracket, complete with prizes for the winning NFT. The company this past week launched a similar collection of NFTs for the NBA playoffs, bracketX: The League Playoffs 2022. Once again, 100 SOL is guaranteed by the company, whereas overall 70 percent of the sales and 100 percent of royalties will be paid out to the top 300 brackets.

The floor on MagicEden is currently 0.1 SOL, but make sure to check the leaderboard and look up the randomly generated brackets before making any purchases, as the NFTs are not expected to have any utility outside of potential earnings during the 2022 NBA Playoffs.

In other Solana-based NFT news, the Golden State Warriors teamed up with FTX to launch their own collection of NFTs. 2,999 NFTs made specially for the 2022 NBA playoffs were sold on Friday for $499.99 directly on the FTX website, and a single unique 1-of-1 NFT was auctioned for ETH.

According to the official collection page, “Every time the Golden State Warriors win a 2022 playoff series your NFT will unlock additional utilities and benefits.”





Other Blockchain News

This past week, the Blockchain Brawlers team announced the sale of “Swag Kits," to act like skins for collectors’ Wax-based NFTs. The multi-chain game also launched a platform to allow players to bridge the native BRWL token from the Wax blockchain to Ethereum Mainnet (and back).

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