Around the Blockchain | Nearly 200 New Solana NFT Collections Added to OpenSea

Around the Blockchain | Nearly 200 New Solana NFT Collections Added to OpenSea

This week's news from around the blockchain includes: the launch of Solana NFTs on OpenSea, movement in the "Big 3" on Avalanche, an NFL All Day drop, and more.


This Week in Solana

On the heels of OpenSea launching its Solana NFT beta test, DeGods, the hottest Solana-based NFT collection based on total recent volume, announced a gas fee refund program. Anyone who bridged from Ethereum's Ether (ETH) to Solana's SOL and used those funds to buy a DeGod NFT was eligible to have the transaction's gas fees refunded.

The first week of Solana beta testing was successful. Nearly 200 collections have been added to the OpenSea platform as of this writing.

The projects with the top volume for the week are Dope Cats (1,110.59 SOL), Monkey Kingdom (836.04 SOL), and DeGods (644.33 SOL). Floor prices for the projects are 2.35 SOL, 199 SOL, and 40.89 SOL respectively.

Sol Airdrop Pass, which had been struggling for weeks, finally gave up and shut down the project's Discord. The Pass NFTs were meant to act as an access pass for free airdrops. Only three airdrops were ever provided, and the project failed to gain traction.

Sol Airdrop Pass's first partner project, SCUMBAG$, returned after a suspected rug, but it remains to be seen whether the collection can be salvaged.


This Week in AVAX

Crabada, the most popular project on the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain -- and biggest gas guzzler, according to Snowtrace -- released more information on its upcoming Battle Game in a Medium article on Tuesday. The detailed explanation of the expansion included a YouTube video with a preview of the soon-to-be-released gameplay.

Battle Game is expected to be released in May on the Crabada subnet Swimmer Network.

Chikn, a collection of 10,000 $EGG-producing chicken NFTs, moved into second place for daily AVAX volume on Saturday, passing Hoppers Game.

Chikn’s next mint, Roostr, is planned for this coming week on Thursday. Roostr NFTs will add to the Chikn ecosystem, currently consisting of Chikn and Farmland NFTs, as well as introduce more of an idle gameplay to the project. The Chikn price floor, through the site’s internal marketplace, is currently 25 AVAX and produces 1.25 $EGG per day.


Meanwhile, Hoppers Game, now sitting in third for total volume after a long time spent in the number two spot, has a much lower entry point of 1.15 AVAX on NFTrade. However, the company announced emissions for its $FLY token will be changed starting this week on Apr. 16 in order to control the token’s supply.


This Week in Flow

NFL All Day dropped 17,000 Super Wild Card Weekend packs on Friday.

Dapper Labs successfully sold out of all the packs at $49 each. The packs, which contained three total Moments, had at least two commons and almost an 80 percent chance of a third common (the remaining percentage chance of a rare or legendary).

NFL All Day also released more information on the future plans for the rest of the offseason, including details about the Moments to be included in its first historical set (currently called “Favre and Friends). Most details about the upcoming drop, including day, time, price, and pack size, are still yet to be announced.

On the NBA Top Shot side of Dapper Labs, the Game Recognize Game packs featuring Klay Thompson were released. The $19 packs had no Collector Score requirement and were limited to one pack per purchase. Users were able to re-enter the queue and buy additional packs after the first round.

The 50,000 packs sold out during the drop on Thursday and a new NBA Top Shot Challenge utilizing the limited-edition Game Recognize Game Moments is currently live.


The Fungibles

After three positive weeks, one severe downswing wiped out a significant amount of gains and market cap for some of the top side chains.

According to CoinMarketCap, several tokens dropped double digit percentages week-over-week.

SOL went down 19.14 percent to $111.94 as of this writing, AVAX dropped 15.55 percent to $83.57, and FLOW sank 19.31 percent to $6.31. Even LUNA, the best performing token of 2022 so far, wasn’t spared from the carnage, falling by 19.37 percent to $94.71.


Other Blockchain News

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