Apr. 1 NFT Recap | Azuki's "Something" Turns to Dirt

Apr. 1 NFT Recap | Azuki's "Something" Turns to Dirt
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Top News Today:

  • Azuki's "Something" Turns to Dirt

  • Premint Sells Out Collector Passes

  • Arcade Land Trades Over 3K ETH

  • Top NFT Movers

Azuki's "Something" Turns to Dirt

Azuki continues to hold the NFT community's attention after releasing metadata for  "Something Official" revealing an image of dirt inside the crate. Azuki fans are split on what the upcoming project will have in store for holders, so Lucky Trader curated some opinions on Twitter below. 

Whether or not Azuki's reveal is a joke seemed to not matter, as the "Something" collection trades over 2.5K ETH reaching a 4.8 ETH floor today.

Premint Sells Out Collector Passes

Premint Collector Passes sold out all 10,000 NFTs today before making it to a public sale this afternoon. The Collector Passes will offer holders access to Premint's collector dashboard. 

With projects overwhelmingly moving towards allow lists and raffles for minting, the sell-out for Premint was expected at the high mint price of 0.25 ETH.  

For more information about the tools and resources, check out Premint Collectors' website here for the full roadmap. 

Arcade Land Trades Over 3K ETH

Arcade Land continued to mint to its pre-sale list today nearly selling out all 10,000 land NFTs. 7,729 NFTs have been minted so far with the remaining 2,000 or so going on sale to the public at 11:00 p.m. ET. 

With the supply dwindling, Arcade Land caused quite the reaction today, as the floor skyrocketed to 0.65 ETH with trading ~3,500ETH on secondary. The public sale will be sure to cause a gas war with the cheapest plot selling for 0.25 ETH mint price. 


  • Azuki continues to capture the NFT ecosystem's attention absolutely soaring after the recent airdrop. Up almost 200% in 24-hour volume, ripping through the 20s ETH floor range last couple of days up to almost 27 ETH. 

  • Something Official follows right behind Azuki second on our project rankings page. Closing in on 5 ETH after the speculation grew during the dirt metadata reveal earlier this afternoon. 

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club continues to hold top volume as Azuki runs wild this week. Steadily over 1,400 ETH traded all while holding a 100 ETH floor.

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