5 P2E NFT Blockchain Games on Terra to Watch in 2022

5 P2E NFT Blockchain Games on Terra to Watch in 2022

The gamification of finance, also known as GameFi, is growing in popularity. But without a scaling solution (as of the time of writing) for the Ethereum network, costly transaction fees are ruining the experience for new users and many p2e (play-to-earn) NFT blockchain games are moving to Layer 2 solutions on Ethereum or alternative Layer 1 chains, like Terra.

Terra is a public blockchain protocol focused on the development and application of algorithmic decentralized stablecoins. NFT projects are building out additional use cases for Terra’s primary asset, $UST. As the Terra network continues to evolve and expand, the projects and protocols under its umbrella will grow, too. In the NFT and crypto space, it is almost always good to be early.

Here are five p2e NFT blockchain games on the Terra network to watch in 2022:

This article is intended to be a general overview. More in-depth p2e NFT blockchain game guides are coming soon.


1. Levana Dragons



Website: https://meteors.levana.finance/

Socials: Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium

Marketplaces: Talis | RandomEarth | Knowhere

Tokens: $UST | $LVN | $LUNA2X

Investors: Woodstock | Maven 11 Capital | Arrington XRP Capital | Delphi Digital 


What Is Levana Dragons?

Levana Dragons is an upcoming p2e NFT game on the Terra network with 41,000 various dragon-related NFTs. Integrated with Levana Protocol, a leverage platform with Levana Leveraged Index (LLI) and Perpetual Swap (Perp) tokens, Levana’s NFTs will help identify the community’s core members and reward protocol and governance participation.

The game started with the first meteor shower, in which players could claim one meteor NFT each hour for 44 hours and for a specified amount of money (as low as 8 UST for a common). 

After players found the meteors, the Cracking Station opened, where players could crack their meteor NFTs to hopefully find dragon eggs. Each meteor contained either Meteor dust -- which operates as an in-game currency for the customization and crafting of dragons, avatars, and items -- or an egg.

Following the cracking of the meteors, players were given the ability to incubate their eggs at the Nesting Station with meteor dust that matched the dragon egg’s composition. Each nested egg came with an additional NFT called a talisman, which is crucial for the development of the game mechanics. 

The dragons represent leverage, the dragon riders represent leverage traders, and the dragon keepers represent governance community members. 


How to Play Levana Dragons

The first of two upcoming minigames is the next task for the Levana Dragons team to accomplish (UPDATE: the first minigame is now available here: https://salim.levana.finance/). In addition to the two minigames, the team is developing the Raising the Dragon game.

Dragon eggs are currently nesting, and players who nested dragon eggs received talismans from one of four factions: Terrans, Free Martians, Guardians, and Council. The talismans will be used to record all in-game actions for the player over the course of their journey, similar to a memory card on the blockchain.

Meteor dust will be used to craft items, including armor, weapons, clothing, herbs, food, maps, tools, and more. Items will be used and held by the player’s avatar, the dragon rider. This avatar will be connected to the player’s Terra wallet address, which allows for other protocols, like Mars and Astroport, to participate down the road.

During the nesting period, dragons can be customized using meteor dust. After the dragons are customized, they’ll hatch, and the game officially starts.

Players will go on quests with their baby dragon, which will help the dragon mature to full size over time. Both the dragon and the player’s avatar will have customizable slots for items, which will contribute to the character's and dragon’s uniqueness. 

Spirit level is also important, but exactly how it will be integrated into the game is still unknown. It will have an impact on the player’s ability to craft items.

The game is playable without a dragon, and the team plans to introduce new animal companions to the game in the future.



$LVN is the governance token of Levana Protocol. The $LVN tokens involvement in the NFT portion of Levana Protocol’s platform is currently unknown.

$LUNA2X is a leveraged asset. Its involvement in the NFT portion of Levana Protocol’s platform is also currently unknown.

More information will become available as the game progresses through its development stages.


Levana Dragons 2022 Roadmap

Levana Protocol’s upcoming 2022 roadmap includes 11 significant developments and events, six of which relate directly to the NFT game. 

As for the non-NFT-related developments, Levana Protocol plans to airdrop $LVN tokens, launch the Levana DAO, release $LUNA2X, open Levana farming, and integrate Perp swaps.

For the NFT-related developments, Levana Protocol plans to complete a browser minigame, announce the customization of dragon NFTs, launch a Discord minigame, hatch baby dragons, open crafting for avatars, and finally release the Raising the Dragon game in full. 


2. Derby Stars



Website: https://derbystars.com/

Socials: Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium

Marketplaces: Talis | RandomEarth | Knowhere

Tokens: $UST | TBA

Investors: Hashed | UNOPND | Terraform Labs | NOD Games


What Is Derby Stars?

Derby Stars is an upcoming p2e NFT horse racing game on the Terra blockchain with a collection of 3,000 horse NFTs.

Each horse has unique performance traits like origin, breed count, speed, stamina, power, grit, intellect, skills, talents, and track preferences, in addition to unique physical traits like eyes, manes, tails, reins, and more. 

While Derby Stars is similar to Ethereum’s ZED RUN, it utilizes its own novel racing engine and cartoon rendering graphics. The gameplay and design style give off a more fun-loving vibe than the futuristic, serious environment in ZED RUN.


How to Play Derby Stars

Derby Stars has six key gameplay features: racing, breeding, training, trading, avatar building, and land ownership.

The platform’s game economy encourages user interaction and cooperation. Players can race horses against one another on various tracks to earn prizes, but in order to be successful, horses need to level-up through training and avatar interplay.

Successful horses can then be bred to create a new generation of potential race winners with skills having a certain probability of being passed on from parents to children. Horse NFTs can be bought, sold, or traded with other players in the game, creating an open marketplace for proven winners, foals, and more.

Details about avatar building and land ownership are scarce. Each player has a unique avatar, a horse-riding jockey. And landowners become ranchers and earn additional rewards.

More information will become available as the game progresses through its development stages.



Derby Stars has not yet released an in-game utility token or governance token for the platform. The team has, however, announced that “Derby Stars is developing a dual token economy model with governance tokens and utility tokens to motivate users with in-game rewards.” 

More information will become available as the game progresses through its development stages.


Derby Stars 2022 Roadmap

In 2021, Derby Stars sold out of its collection of 3,000 horse NFTs through private, public, and auction stages.

In 2022, the team recently announced regular AMA (ask me anything) events with the Derby Stars community. Mecha horses, a mechanical iteration of the original Derby Stars horse NFT drop, are expected to launch soon.

More details are expected to be released in early 2022.


3. Tabula



Website: TBA

Socials: Twitter | Telegram

Marketplaces: Talis | Knowhere

Tokens: $UST | TBA

Investors: TBA


What Is Tabula?

Tabula is an upcoming p2e NFT land ownership and development blockchain game with a collection of 5,000 Tier 1 map NFTs. Additional tiers, up to five, will be released with a depleting supply and increased rarity.

Tabula is in early stages of development and has been built by one team member up to this point. The project airdropped to early supporters and has a low cost of entry, making it a solid entry point for beginners attempting to get into the Terra NFT ecosystem.

Information regarding game mechanics, tokenomics, and roadmap objectives is speculative based on interviews and conversations with Tabula’s founder. The litepaper is coming soon and will confirm or reject these speculations. 


How to Play Tabula

The goal of Tabula is to build an empire using the land, resource, and character NFTs in the game. The world is perpetually evolving and growing based on user interaction. Upgrades to land, tools, citizens, and more will be available to players.

Based on the plots of land available, players can focus on battling or trading with other players, farming, building, and more. From peasants (Peasant Punks is a Tabula side project and will likely have in-game utility) to astronauts, players choose how to develop their settlements and what to do with their acquired resources.

Workers will earn skills, artifacts will be found, and resources will be harvested, as players compete to build the ultimate blockchain empire.



Information regarding token supply and general tokenomics has not yet been released. Tabula will likely utilize $UST to a certain extent, as it is the primary asset on the Terra blockchain. Resources, land, workers, and more will likely be bought and sold on the marketplace based on their acquired skills and more.

More information will become available as the game progresses through its development stages.


Tabula 2022 Roadmap

Tabula’s upcoming roadmap for 2022 has not yet been finalized. It should include the release of Tier 2-5 land NFTs and the further development of the project’s unique TerraVerse. 

More information will become available as the game progresses through its development stages.


4. Deviants Factions



Website: https://www.deviantsfactions.com/

Socials: Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium

Marketplaces: Talis | RandomEarth | Knowhere

Tokens: $UST | $DEV

Investors: Do Kwon (Terra) | SkyVision Capital | Orion Money | GT Capital | CGW Capital


What Is Deviants Factions?

Deviants Factions is an upcoming p2e NFT trading card game on the Terra blockchain with 34,600 starter packs currently in circulation.

During an immersive narrative experience, each player must uphold the principles of one of four Factions “struggling for the course of History,” according to Deviants Factions litepaper. The ultimate goal is to destroy the opposing player’s Headquarters.


How to Play Deviants Factions

Deviants Factions’ play-to-earn NFT trading card game starts with an 8-card custom-built deck, which players use to battle each other on a browser-powered platform. The only deck-building restriction is that players cannot use two cards with the same name in the same game. As previously stated, the ultimate goal is to destroy the opposing player’s Headquarters.

Players start with three total cards for their custom-built decks, taking turns drawing and playing a card each round. Attacks and defenses are carried out based on the instructions provided on each card. Once the Structure Points of one of the players’ Headquarters reaches zero, the game is over.

Each card has nine important components: faction, name and gender, card type, illustration, text box, health, collector information, attack, and planning. 

There are four main factions: Awaken, Entropy, Inhuman, and Owners. Each faction has a unique backstory relating to one aspect of humanity’s nature and fate. Choose wisely. 



Deviants Factions will introduce an in-game utility token called $DEV. $DEV is earned by playing matches against other players. Both winners and losers are rewarded, but winners gain increased rewards. Users can also earn offline by handing their decks over to AI to play for them or renting out their cards to other players.

$DEV has four main utilities: staking, crafting, purchasing, and tournament entry. Staking grants holders increased earning tiers and governance votes. Crafting allows players to burn $DEV for special NFT cards. Vanity items and cosmetics will be sold for $DEV. And $DEV will also be used for tournaments.

For more information about $DEV supply, allocation, distribution schedule, and more, see pages 14-20 of Deviants Factions litepaper.


2022 Roadmap

Deviants Factions roadmap for 2022 has five important milestones: private sale (Q4 2021), public sale (Q1 2022), game launch (Q2 2022), organized games and tournaments (Q3 2022), and guilds and online player versus player (pvp) (Q4 2022).


5. Monsterra



Website: https://monsterra.io/

Socials: Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium

Marketplaces: TBA

Tokens: $MSTR | $MAG

Investors: GameFi | Red Kite | Icetea Labs | Day Zero Fund | Unicorn | TerraVerse


What Is Monsterra?

Monsterra is the first-ever dual-chain p2e NFT game on the Terra network and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is a freemium blockchain game, which means millions of players can take part in the fun with no initial investment.

The Monsterra ecosystem includes Mongens (creatures with unique DNA codes), plots and lands, and in-game components like energy and food. Players can battle and breed their Mongens, develop and defend their lands, and produce foods and other in-game items.

The project is inspired by Axie Infinity, Clash of Clans, and Boom Beach.


How to Play Monsterra

To get started on Monsterra, all new players can claim three free in-game items, including one default land and two Soulcores, or egg-like objects that hatch new Mongens, creatures unique to the Monsterra universe. Each basic land includes one core plot, one pasture plot, one breeding plot, one hatching plot, one storage food plot, one barrack plot, and one defense plot. These in-game items are not NFTs, but can be converted to NFTs by spending $MSTR tokens.

Once the Mongens hatch, players can feed, breed, evolve, and fuse the creatures. Developing lands is required to produce food and evolve the Mongens. This is why it is crucial to defend lands and plots against opposing player attacks. 

Once the Mongens are strong enough, there are four battle modes: Adventure mode (attacking a computer opponent), Boss Challenge mode (raiding and conquering surrounding lands), Battlefront mode (raiding and conquering other player’s land), and Arena mode (battling with other players).

Each Mongen has stats (health, sturdiness, magic, and aggression), physical traits, rarities, evolution levels, skills, a race (Beast, Tectos, Mystic, Celest, or Chaos), evolution items/points, and skill stone items. 



Monsterra offers a dual token model with $MSTR and $MAG.

$MSTR is an in-game utility token with a limited supply (100 million). It is required to interact with the Monsterra ecosystem, including buying in-game land and items, upgrading items, entering certain events, staking to receive special rewards, and participating in Monsterra’s governance structure. 

$MAG is a secondary in-game utility token with an unlimited supply. Rather, an in-game burning mechanism is intended to regulate its total supply. $MAG can be earned by completing quests, winning battles, voting in the Monsterra DAO, and participating in special events. $MAG can then be spent on breeding fees, evolving fees, fusion fees, upgrade fees, and more. 

For more information about $MSTR and $MAG, including token allocation, lock periods, circulating supplies, and more, read Monsterra’s official litepaper. 


Monsterra 2022 Roadmap

Monsterra’s roadmap is ambitious and filled with upcoming developments and events. In 2021, Monsterra completed game conceptualization, released its whitepaper and pitch deck, launched its website, collaborated with other projects and partnered with strategic investors, grew its community, and put out an official game trailer release (see above).

In Q1 of 2022, Monsterra plans to internally test the game on testnet, run its Initial NFT Offering (INO) and Initial DEX Offering (IDO), launch giveaways and bounties, work on a game guild collaboration, release its NFT marketplace, complete its Battle v1: Adventure Mode game, and announce DAO treasury and staking.

In Q2 of 2022, Monsterra plans to complete its Battle v2: Battle Mode (boss challenge and battlefront), launch Terra chain support (go multi-chain), and announce DAO governance.

In Q3 of 2022, Monsterra plans to complete its Battle v3: PvP Mode, expand its partnerships, and run community events.

In Q4 of 2022, Monsterra plans to scale-up, release a mobile version of its game, complete its desktop app version release of its game, and continue to expand its multi-chain usage beyond Binance Smart Chain and Terra network.

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