Campfire Recap: 3Lander's First Campfire and Project Vision

Campfire Recap: 3Lander's First Campfire and Project Vision
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On Wednesday, March 2, 3Landers hosted their first Campfire to provide project updates to their community.

Key Takeaways: Auction for 3Lander Serial #1 and project roadmap



Charity Auction for 3Lander #1

3Landers will be hosting a 24-hour auction for 3Lander #1 in the coming days to raise funds for charity. All proceeds from the sale of 3Lander #1 will be donated to Women's Aid, a charity that aims to end domestic violence against women and children.


Project Roadmap

In order to connect the project as a whole and the world that 3Landers are building, the project is working on four different lanes together in the near term to develop 3Landers for long-term success. Those lanes consist of:

  • Lore Building / World Building / Art
  • The Intersection Between Web3 and the Physical World
  • Metaverse and Metaverse Integration
  • "Mystery" Roadmap Item


Lore Building / World Building / Art

Artist Pom and the 3landers team is hard at work behind the scenes to build 3Landers into a brand and not just an art project. While art is a core focus of the project, the team is focused on surrounding themselves with the right people to bring the story of 3Land to life. 3Landers have brought @ComposerBoa onto the team to work specifically on building the story and lore of 3Land. He is helping to coordinate a team of creatives to explore the intersection and interaction of the different types of 3Landers trait DNAs, along with building the story behind each different DNA type.

3Landers are building a foundation where within the community there is an identity behind each DNA type in the 3Land universe. Each of the twelve different DNAs will have cultural traits, backgrounds, and skillsets that are different but also compliment each other DNA type. In order to build strong identities for the 3Land universe, the team will also be involving the community in the development of the backstories and identities behind each DNA type.


The Intersection Between Web3 and the Physical World

3Landers is pushing to become a lifestyle brand both in Web3 and in real life. To achieve this they are working on partnerships and collaborations which are already in progress. 3Landers has a collaboration with New York streetwear brand Barriers to produce sweatpants and hoodies for the community. Additionally, they plan to create unique merchandise for holders inspired by traits within the 3Landers collection.

3Landers is also working with a toy manufacturer to create toys based on all twelve different 3Lander DNA types. Once the details are finalized with the toy manufacturer the team will announce what manufacturer they are working with. It was hinted that the "Minimon" trait within the 3Landers collection may play a factor in the toys, but no further detail was provided.

The team is also hard at work planning an event for NFT.NYC, which is scheduled for June 20-23. 3landers wants to bring 3Land to life for all holders to experience during NFT.NYC.


Metaverse / Metaverse Integration

The 3Landers' community wallet recently purchased a Penthouse apartment in Worldwide Webb to build out for the community. All 3Landers holders will receive a pixel 3Lander for use in Worldwide Webb. While no date was provided for when the pixel 3Landers will be available, the team mentioned that they are already working on this and plan to deliver them as soon as possible. The Penthouse apartment will be utilized to host metaverse events among other activities for all 3Landers holders. 


Mystery Roadmap Item

3Landers tech partner, 0xStudio, is working with the project to help bring the vision of the 3Land to life. While not much information on this mystery roadmap item was provided, it was announced that 3Landers will be taking a snapshot on March 12 f all wallets holding a 3Landers NFT. The only hint provided was that 3Landers should be thought of as adventurers, "and what do adventurers need? Each 3Lander needs an adventure bag to go on journeys". Shortly after the Campfire, artist Pom tweeted a picture of this bag, which may have something to do with this mystery roadmap item.


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