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Campfire Recap: 3Lander's First Campfire and Project Vision

Campfire Recap: 3Lander's First Campfire and Project Vision

On Wednesday, March 2, 3Landers hosted their first Campfire to provide project updates to their community. We covered the key details.
NFT Daily Recap Mar. 2: Dippies NFT

LT;DR Mar. 2 NFT Recap: Dippies NFT

Today in NFTs Mar.2: Dippies sold nearly all 8,888 unique digital hippy NFTs during its allowlist mint today.
NFT Daily Recap Feb. 25: Rakuten NFT

LT;DR Feb. 25 NFT Recap: Rakuten NFT

Today in NFTs Feb. 25: Rakuten NFT was announced this morning, via Rakuten's global blog.
NFT Daily Recap Feb. 23: Invisible Friends Mint

LT;DR Feb. 23 NFT Recap: Invisible Friends Mint

Today in NFTs Feb. 23: Invisible Friends showed why it was the most hyped mint of the year, minting this afternoon to its allow list at 0.25 ETH.
NFT Daily Recap Feb. 22: 3Landers Reveal

LT;DR Feb. 22 NFT Recap: 3Landers Reveal

Today in NFTs Feb. 22: 3landers, a collection of 10,000 cartoon character NFTs, revealed this morning with an increase of over 150% trading volume.
gm NFTs Feb. 22: tubby cats, Starcatchers Starlist Mint

gm NFTs Feb 22: tubby cats, Starcatchers Starlist Mint

Top NFT News Today: tubby cats mintlist continues while Starcatchers begins its starlist minting. Plus, 3landers will reveal its NFT collection at 10:00am ET.
NFT Daily Recap Feb. 21:

LT;DR Feb. 21 NFT Recap: OpenSea Turmoil

Today in NFTs Feb. 21: OpenSea ran into issues this weekend as a hacker stole 254 NFT token.