LT;DR Feb. 21 NFT Recap: OpenSea Turmoil

LT;DR Feb. 21 NFT Recap: OpenSea Turmoil

Top News Today:

  • OpenSea Turmoil

  • Puma x Gutter Cats

  • Virtual Land Pumps

  • Top NFT Movers

OpenSea Turmoil

OpenSea encountered a phishing scam this weekend, as a hacker stole 254 NFT tokens ranging from Bored Apes to Decentraland Assets. The hacker allegedly compiled a list of the addresses before the contact migration was scheduled and then targeted these consumers through a phishing attack to migrate listings. After appearing to be OpenSea and gaining signature access to the wallets, the hacker then transferred out the valuable assets subverting any payment verifications. This is on the heels of a lawsuit filed against OpenSea for the listing issue that was causing high-valued assets to be sold off low, inactive listings. The loss of a Bored Ape created the case of McKimmy v. OpenSea. 

Puma x Gutter Cats

Puma joins the list of large corporate brands entering the NFT ecosystem, as Gutter Cats Gang announced an official partnership this afternoon. Changing its name to @PUMA.eth, the apparel company has been collecting multiple cat-based NFT projects, including a Cool Cat, Lazy Lion, CatBlox Genesis speculation was surrounding whether or not Puma would officially partner with any of these projects. Late this afternoon Gutter Cat Gang confirmed these suspicions by tweeting out "GUTTER CAT GANG x @PUMA" with no further details being released. 

Virtual Land Pumps

NFT Worlds leads the charge on a recent surge in volume across virtual land projects. Checking out our rankings page herea slew of green paints the board today as projects within the metaverse explode. NFT Worlds reached an ATH floor price of 18.5 ETH has possibly caused the community to buy into similar land meta projects. Worldwide Webb Land was up 184% volume to 3.58 ETH floor, Turf.NFT was up nearly 1000% in volume to a 0.7 ETH floor, and BYOLand traded over 400 ETH in volume with the floor up to 1.5 ETH, are just a few examples of the projects in the wake of the NFT Worlds boom. 



  • NFT Worlds leads our project rankings up to almost 2,500 ETH in secondary sales as the land meta is in full effect today. Nearing 20 ETH up another 30% in volume to lead the metaverse land projects.
  • mfers continues to perform well breaking into our top volume charts with 2,300 ETH in 24-hour sales. The floor has plateaued to around 4.5 ETH after the sharp run-up over the weekend. 
  • 3landers minted this weekend and has caught the community's attention at a 1.5 ETH floor and trading nearly 2,000 ETH in secondary sales. 
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