LT;DR Feb. 22 NFT Recap: 3Landers Reveal

LT;DR Feb. 22 NFT Recap: 3Landers Reveal
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  • 3Landers Reveal

  • NFL All Day Marketplace 

  • Starcatchers & Tubby Cat Mints

  • Top NFT Movers

3Landers Reveal

3landers, a collection of 10,000 cartoon character NFTs, revealed this morning with an increase of over 150% trading volume, transacting just over 4,800 ETH in sales. The colorful, cartoon artwork has held a steady floor around 1.4- 1.7 ETH throughout the reveal. With a "fluid" roadmap and a community-driven project, it appears the NFT community likes this new project, with a couple 1/1 sales reaching 30 ETH. 

NFL All Day Marketplace 

NFL All Day had originally planned to open listing, delisting, and purchasing of NFL Moments today on its new marketplace. But, six minutes after Dapper announced the NFL All Day marketplace was open, purchases were deactivated. They subsequently shut down the whole marketplace, and Dapper released an announcement that they would attempt to reopen the marketplace on Feb. 23, citing "unexpected issues" as the cause of the delay today. 


Tubby Cats & Starcatchers Mint

Tubby Cats minted another 3,000 NFTs today. The team began airdropping a Polygon NFT as a reminder to those whitelisted users who have not yet minted. As the presale comes to a close tomorrow at noon ET, Tubby Cats have ~6,000 NFTs left to mint. Holding around a 0.6 - 0.8 ETH floor, the cats have performed well for a 20,000 piece collection. 

Starcatchers began minting for its "Starlist" this afternoon, selling just over 7,000 NFTs of the 10k collection. Sitting at 1 ETH floor after mint prices ranging between 0.08 - 0.111 ETH, this project is expected should mint out during the 48-hour presale shortly.



  • 3landers revealed this morning and exploded on the scene trading over 4,800 ETH in 24-hour volume up 160% since minting out this weekend. The floor has held relatively steady only down 5% on reveal and sitting just below 1.5 ETH. 

  • Tubby Cats in its first day of official secondary marketplace sales reached number 2 on our rankings page trading upwards of 2,000 ETH and holding a floor between 0.6 - 0.8 ETH with supply still minting. 

  • mfers down 60% in volume after some crazy price action over the past few days. The floor has fluctuated hard between 4 and 6 ETH during the recent run. 

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