Tubby Cats NFTs

Tubby Cats NFT Overview

Project Information

Tubby Cats is a collection of 20,000 algorithmically generated cats on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection will be a CC0 project, with no utility or roadmap. The collection was not generated completely randomly, instead, each Tubby Cat NFT was created from one of 120 various themed palettes. The Tubby Cats collection also contains 69 one-of-ones, which are created by different artists on the team. each one-of-one has an attribute that displays each artist. 

The project is led by artist @ratwell0x, who is also known for being the artist for @tetranode. The Tubby Collective is a group of 8 artists: @ratwell0x, @sugoiNFT@bandageNFT@hoppynft@VKR000@sweetbread_eth, @kirarayakubou, and @Round4Dino. The code was done by @trolldart, and the smart contract was done by @0xngmi. The mint cost was 0.1 ETH and had a handful of other projects that got minters onto the whitelists, including Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult and loomlocknft.

In February 2022, Tubby Cats sent an airdrop to all whitelisted holders who did not mint an NFT.