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Tubby Cats Announce Halloween Contests
Lou Sherman

Tubby Cats announce a lore and art contest on Tuesday in anticipation of Halloween.

To enter the Lore Contest, entrants may write up a lore story about any of the tubby mascots. The minimum length of entries is 500 words, with a maximum of 5,000 words. The entries will be submitted via google form by October 31 at midnight ET. Finalists will be selected and later announced via the #tubbyween-lore channel in the Tubby Cat Discord server.

To enter the Art Contest, entrants shall draw a tubby pumpkin or tubby sugar skull. The templates will be available via Discord and submissions will be accepted until October 31 at midnight ET.  Entrants must like and retweet the contest thread and post submissions on Twitter with the hashtag #tubbyween22. Finalists will be selected and later announced via the #tubbyween-art channel in the Tubby Cat Discord server.

Tubby Cats Announce Halloween Contests
Tubby Cats to Integrate With Worldwide Webb
Jason Bales

Earlier today, Tubby Cats announced that it will integrate with Worldwide Webb to make all 20,000 of its Tubby Cats sprites available to use in the platform's metaverse.

The integration is expected to happen "soon" and will take place in conjunction with Worldwide Webb's latest ecosystem update.

While more announcements are expected as early as today, Worldwide Webb's latest update will add massive additions to landholder alpha, improve the in-game and social updates, add item and mount crafting, introduce new game mechanics (including fishing, herbalism, and mining), create a new zone called the graveyward (PvP zone?), add apartment permissions for design and entrance delegation, synch with radio and YouTube, and introduce "many new collections."

Tubby Cats is officially one of these "many new collections."

Information on the remaining collections has not yet been announced. A teaser trailer for the upcoming integration is available here.

Since the announcement, Tubby Cats has completed eight total sales and has a floor price of 0.12 ETH.

Tubby Cats to Integrate With Worldwide Webb
3D Tubby Cats Are Coming
Logan Hitchcock

Tubby Cats shared an update with some artwork teasing the eventual 3D Tubby Cats that match the original collection. 

All 20,000 Tubby Cat NFTs will have an identical, 3D Tubby Cat counterpart.

3D Tubby Cats Are Coming
Tubby Cats Tease 3D Model
Logan Hitchcock

A tweet from Friday evening shared an update on traits for the upcoming 3D model Tubby Cats. Since taking Crypto Twitter by storm in late February, the Tubby Cats collection has settled into a floor of 0.2 ETH. 

Tubby Cats Tease 3D Model
gm NFTs Feb 22: tubby cats, Starcatchers Starlist Mint
Logan Hitchcock

As crypto prices slide and most floor prices too, a jam packed day of activity sits in front of us. 

Let's dive in to the day's top news and notes. 

Key Takeaways:

  • tubby cats mintlist continues
  • Starcatchers Starlist mint starts
  • 3landers reveal


tubby cats Mintlist Mint Continues

After a relatively quiet start to the mintlist mint yesterday, tubby cats have exploded onto the NFT scene, generating nearly 6K ETH in secondary trading volume on OpenSea. The collection's mintlist minting will extend for another day, with nearly 7,500 tubby cats left to mint. Holders of any of the following projects during the last month may be eligible, depending on if they were holding the asset during the whitelist snapshot. If eligible, the wallet can mint one tubby cat for 0.1 ETH. 

The current floor sits at 0.73 ETH at the time of writing. You can explore the collection below. Please note, tubby cats are unveiled after every 1,000 mints. Therefore, the rarities are subject to change until the collection has minted completely. 



Starcatchers Starlist Mint

Starcatchers, a collection of 10,000 Star NFTs, is slated to begin its starlist minting later today. The Starcatchers NFT team boasts notable artist Allison Harvard, and has shared plans that include an eventual governance system, meetups, merchandise and more. 

The mint will take place 100% via Starlist minting and a public raffle. 

5,000 NFTs will be minted today, starting at 5:22 pm ET. And the next 5,000 will be minted via raffle starting on Feb. 24. 


3landers Reveal 

3landers, a 10,000 piece collectible NFT project, is slated to reveal later today at 10:00am ET. The project has already commanded more than 6.6K ETH in secondary trading and holds a floor price of 1.38 ETH. Though assets are not explorable, once reveal takes place you can find the corresponding rarities and traits at the link below. 

gm NFTs Feb 22: tubby cats, Starcatchers Starlist Mint