Tubby Cats to Integrate With Worldwide Webb

Tubby Cats to Integrate With Worldwide Webb
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Earlier today, Tubby Cats announced that it will integrate with Worldwide Webb to make all 20,000 of its Tubby Cats sprites available to use in the platform's metaverse.

The integration is expected to happen "soon" and will take place in conjunction with Worldwide Webb's latest ecosystem update.

While more announcements are expected as early as today, Worldwide Webb's latest update will add massive additions to landholder alpha, improve the in-game and social updates, add item and mount crafting, introduce new game mechanics (including fishing, herbalism, and mining), create a new zone called the graveyward (PvP zone?), add apartment permissions for design and entrance delegation, synch with radio and YouTube, and introduce "many new collections."

Tubby Cats is officially one of these "many new collections."

Information on the remaining collections has not yet been announced. A teaser trailer for the upcoming integration is available here.

Since the announcement, Tubby Cats has completed eight total sales and has a floor price of 0.12 ETH.

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