Capsule House Expected to Start Human Species Hatching on April 14

Capsule House Expected to Start Human Species Hatching on April 14
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Capsule House is a collection of 10,000 NFTs, broken into four different tiers of capsules. The capsule tiers are allocated as follows:

  • Humans: (Tier 4- 31.5% of Capsules)
  • Demihumans: (Tier 3- 30.4% of Capsules)
  • Posthumans: (Tier 2- 25.2% of Capsules)
  • Yokai: (Tier 1- 12.9% of Capsules)

In January, the Yokai population hatched.

As of the recent Capsule House announcement, the Human species is slated to hatch on April 14. 

Capsule House has provided an update on the project for its holders, outlined below. To read more about the update, refer to this post from the team

Hatchenings Update

The main focus for the Capsule House team is to launch the Humans Hatchenings on April 14 as scheduled. 

The team has also begun working on the Hatchening work for the next variant, which has yet to be announced but is expected to be Posthumans.


Web3 Update

Capsule House has begun to look towards the next stage of the Capsuleverse post Hatchenings. 

The Secret Garden was launched to the public at the end of March. The Secret Garder is an interactive audio-visual music experience for Capsule House holders.


Community Update

The Creative Council will be exploring ways for the Capsuleverse to be built by the community

The team is working on plans to run coordinate live events in 2022.


Long Term Goals

The long-term vision of the Capsuleverse is to bridge the Capsule House IP with traditional media. The team is exploring new partnerships that can bridge the gap between traditional media and web3. 

Additionally, the Capsule House founding team is working on the following:

  • Creating a minimum viable product that allows holders to test the Capsulevers through beta access.
  • Bringing the community together through live events and other fun community events, like Discord and Twitter Spaces.
  • Building out the foundations of a company and scaling the team.
  • High-level branding for Capsule House, weekly updates, goal progress, budgeting updates, and a new website to help scale the project into its future.
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