Apr. 20 NFT Recap | Coinbase NFT Beta Releases

Apr. 20 NFT Recap | Coinbase NFT Beta Releases

Welcome to LT;DR, the Lucky Trader Daily Recap. This recap showcases the top NFT news each day.

The top news for Apr. 20 includes: Coinbase NFT beta marketplace releases, LooksRare announces new listing rewards, NBA's "The Association" drop issues, and top NFT movers. 

Coinbase NFT Beta Releases

Coinbase NFT started the day off with a bombshell, finally releasing the beta for its NFT marketplace. 

The announcement included features such as 0% fees, a comment section, and social profiles. Initial reviews of the new platform have been scattered.

For more information regarding everything Coinbase NFT has to offer and a further analysis read Lucky Trader's first reactionshere

LooksRare Announces New Listing Rewards

LooksRare continues the NFT marketplace news, dropping its new listing rewards system this morning. 

Approved collections will earn LOOKS points every 10 minutes, which will convert into regular $LOOKS tokens after every 24 hours. 

By listing any of the top 25 collections, traders can earn anywhere from 20-200 points every 10 minutes. 

The LOOKS token has been on the run today up 21 percent in the last 24 hours. 

NBA's 'The Association' NFT Drop Issues

The NBAxNFT collection - The Association NFT - was paused today for an issue when members minted more than the 10,000 allotted for the pre-sale.

A moderator in the NBA discord stated at 6:43 p.m. ET that "The NBA will share more information and next steps when they're ready. Please be patient."

Top NFT Movers


  • Moonbirds continue to hold the top spot and are now back on the rise. Volume and floor up over the last 24 hours, reaching 6,500 ETH traded and pushing a 25 ETH floor. The proof PFP collections continues to defy odds. 

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club drops a bit in volume today as the rumors come and go surrounding $APE and "The Otherside." The Land drop is still expected to be in the month of Apr. but the Yuga Labs team is secretive as ever. 

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club fall a bit as well, but both projects have traded significantly well this week, still reaching over 3,000 ETH volume on the day.  
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