ICYMI: Cryptoon Goonz Town Hall Meeting Summary

ICYMI: Cryptoon Goonz Town Hall Meeting Summary
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Last Thursday, Cryptoon Goonz NFT hosted an informative Town Hall meeting. Below is a summary of the event that took place on December 30, 2021.

Key Takeaways: merchandise is coming soon, South by Southwest events are in the planning process, the DAO starts Monday, no word from OpenSea verification team

For the entire Town Hall audio, click here.

Introduction Announcements

  • This Town Hall will happen bi-weekly moving forward, but there is no official schedule posted.




Cryptoon Goonz Clothing Line

  • There will be cards in the merchandise shipments for a contest for a Cryptoon Goon.
  • Merchandise will also go out to a "handful of influential people."




South by Southwest

  • The team will be visiting and securing a venue for a date between Mar. 17 and 19 at South by Southwest.
  • This will be during the second weekend of South by Southwest, which is the art part of the event.
  • The team is working with another project for a collaboration for this event.
  • Cryptoon Goonz will host a few events during the week.
  • Ryan Hodge is a local to the area and a boat has been secured for water activities.
  • More is yet to come on RSVP details.


Hiring and Team Expansion

  • Two new community managers have been hired (previously moderators on Discord).
  • Both new members will be paid monthly and have ownership stake in the project.
  • Another mod, and likely a second one, will be hired shortly.
  • The team has hired an animator for branding, marketing, and other animations.
    • The team is no longer focusing on walking, animated Cryptoon Goonz.



  • The DAO is almost ready to go.
  • There will be guidelines for how to interact in the DAO.
  • Expect a launch on Monday, Jan. 3.



Q&A Session

In this section, Q indicates a question and A indicates an answer.

This is a summary, not verbatim.

  • Q: Do you have any word from OpenSea about verification?
    • A: We sent in the application for verification a long time ago, and we haven't heard anything back. We put a support ticket out there, and all they've said is that they have thousands of entries and they do them in order.
  • Q: Is there a place to go and find which roles are currently available on the team and apply?
    • A: Right now, we are want to work with people that we know. If we can't fill the positions with that, then we will hire externally on Google, Indeed, etc. The team has very large networks, so we're leveraging those right now as we look to hire. 
  • Q: Will you have a second drop?
    • A: A second project was always part of the initial vision, and that is still something that we are planning on doing. We've been thinking a lot about the approach and doing it in a different way. It isn't anything that is going to happen in the next few months, but the next project is going to be something totally different. There will be a second part to this.
  • Q: Are there any updates with the CoinBase NFT connection?
    • A: We have a couple different avenues we're trying to play there, but it is not something that is as easy as sliding into a DM. There is a big vetting process. Just be patient with us on that.
  • Q: Is the new pfp on OpenSea the project's official logo?
    • A: No, I just changed that last night because it is a little more eye-catching. The face is something we are going to use on a couple of other things. It could be, but right now, it is not.
  • Q: Have you considered an animated pfp?
    • A: Absolutely. No leaks.
  • Q: Can future clothing drops have more designs? Maybe the community can pick a few designs.
    • A: Yeah, there is a certain involvement that we want from the community, but this is how we are going to use our DAO. The more options we give, the slower the merchandise will be pushed out. So, we're trying to strike that balance. The first drop is not what future drops will necessarily look like, also.
  • Q: Is it possible for the next streetwear drop for our Cryptoon Goonz NFTs to be added to the items?
    • A: There are marketplaces out there that will let you do this. We can probably use our time more wisely, but if the community disagrees, a proposal in the DAO would be a good place to explore that more.
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