Cryptoon Goonz Town Hall Recap: Goonz Portal, Clothing Line

Cryptoon Goonz Town Hall Recap: Goonz Portal, Clothing Line
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On Thursday Feb. 3, the Cryptoon Goonz held their latest town hall to provide project updates to their community. 

Key takeaways:

Roadmap 2 has kicked off, with the ability for Goonz to enter a portal and be transformed. 

About the Portal 

  • The portal is open, offering a new, interactive way to explore your Goonz.
  • There will be no new NFTs created, so Goonz holders will keep the value of the original collection. 

Goonz Clothing Line 

  • A deal has been finalized with an unnamed major global retail chain with over 220 storefronts. 
  • Goonz owners will get discounts and exclusive access. 

South by Southwest

  • The team is attending South by Southwest in Austin, Texas in March, with events for Goonz holders. 
  • More details to come. 

Coming in Q3 and Q4

  • Events
    • The team will be in New York City for NFT NYC in June.
    • The team is hosting an event in Miami at Sunny South Beach.
    • More details are coming on both events.
  • School Picture Day
    • Goonz will line up for school photos and Goonz holders will be able to get yearbook photos. 
    • Superlatives may be included. 
  • Staking
    • Goonz holders will be able to claim physical artwork, including custom shoes, paintings, animations and tattoos.
    • Some Goonz holders could be flown to New York City.
  • Figurines
    • Collectible figurines will be available exclusively for Goonz Gang holders
  • Animated Series
    • A pilot episode for an animated cartoon series is coming in partnership with Chop Studios, which has worked with Billie Eilish, Rick and Morty, and others.


Coming in the future

  • There will be more collaborations with brand leaders.
  • Goonz Instagram filters and stickers will be available.
  • The team will establish an expanded streetwear presence.
  • The team will partner with athletes and influencers.
  • There will be more animations.
  • There will be more immersive and interactive ways to engage with Goonz. 
  • A website redesign with an e-commerce store update is in process.
  • The team will attend marquee fashion related events. 


Q&A Session

In this section, Q indicates a question and A indicates an answer.

This is a summary, not verbatim.

Q. Does the portal lock up your Goon? 

A. Yes, your current Goon will be locked in the portal.  You will always be able to leave the portal and come back. When your goon goes through the portal, it will look different and feel different and will no longer be available in its old world. 


Q. When you buy a portal Goon, will you be able to see what the original goon looks like?

A. The token IDs will most likely be the same across the collection, so you'll be able to look it up.


Q. Will the Goonz have similar traits after they go through the portal? 

A. They will be different. A Goon can enter a portal and have different rarities. You may have a Goon ranked in the top 10 now that will rank in the top 100 after it goes through the portal. 


Q. Will going through the portal make Goons more valuable?

A. There are going to be experiences you can only do with your portal Goon. There will be new artwork you won’t be able to experience without going through the portal. 


Q. Will there be a different merch collection between the different portals?

A. Adaptability with technology allows us to be extremely flexible. Our token-gated clothing store is going to allow us to further expand on that. 


Q. If I sold my portal Goon, can it still come back through the portal?

A. Yes. The portal Goon and original Goon will sell as a unit. If you sell a portal Goon, it can still leave the portal and come back through. 


Q. Will you be able to stake any version of your Goon?

A. Yes. Staking will allow you to stake any version of your Goon.


Q. Will the portal Goon be available as a PFP? 

A. The goal is to always have a token associated with the Goon. It won't be a JPEG that anyone can use. We will always prioritize ownership.


Q. Will going through the portal cost gas?

A. Yes.

Q. When creating the clothing lines, are you creating new assets?

A. It’s going to be all new assets and all new design work. One of the things we’re proud of is that everyone has full ownership of their Goon for commercial use, so we can’t use an existing Goon for the clothing. 


Q. What other brands will your streetwear be similar to?

A. We don't want to say a specific brand. We want to blaze our own trail. Our identity and who we are will always be reflected. We will work with big designers. It could be an ’80s throwback or we could work with a designer who has their thumb on what the future looks like.


Q. Will all Goonz be available as figurines?

A. Not all 6,969 pieces will be available. We’re looking at doing a hero Goon or a mascot Goon. 


Q. Why change the verbiage of white list? What do you think is the appropriate term for that now?

A. Inclusivity is important in this day and age. The problem with that word is that we associate white with good and black with bad or evil. In the NFT industry, I like the term mint list, which means you’re in the club, you’re going to get access. 

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