Mar. 18 NFT Recap | DrifterShoots Teams Up With Gary Vee for Gift Goat NFT Collaboration

Mar. 18 NFT Recap | DrifterShoots Teams Up With Gary Vee for Gift Goat NFT Collaboration

Top News Today:

  • DrifterShoots X Gary Vee Team Up on 'Where My Goats Go'

  • ApeCoin Continues to Hold Value, Sparks the NFT Market

  • The Cryptocurrency Market Is Recovering


DrifterShoots X Gary Vee Team Up on 'Where My Goats Go' NFT Collaboration

Gary Vaynerchuk, better known as Gary Vee, airdropped Gift Goat NFT holders a special collaboration with DrifterShoots, the infamous NFT photographer and founder of Where My Vans Go

As part of his VeeFriends collection, Gift Goat holders will receive 18 gifts with the DrifterShoots collaboration and custom Vans being the third gift.  

Gift Goats currently hold a 63 ETH floor as Gary Vee continues to partner with well know artists within the NFT space.

The new collection "Where My Goats Go" consists of 555 NFTs available now in the VeeFriends "Mini Drop" collection. 


ApeCoin Continues to Hold Value, Sparks the NFT Market

After the dust settled, ApeCoin emerged as a winner, performing well on its second day of trading.

Reaching $9.2b in total volume within the last 24 hours, $APE's market has now reached $4b. Trading at a current price of $14.02, $APE has nearly doubled from its resting price of $8 yesterday.

For more information detailing the $APE supply and claim read our full breakdown here

The injection of nearly $2b back into the NFT ecosystem seems to be trickling down into other NFT projects. The whole NFT market experienced a green candle today reaching over $100m in volume two days in a row, the first time since Feb. 19 and 20.

Here are some of the notable projects that saw a jump in volume today:

  • Azuki is up over 300 percent in volume, hitting over 200 sales in the last 24 hours. 
  • 3Landers is up 500 percent in volume, hitting nearly 400 sales.  
  • Gutter Cat Gang is up over 1,000 percent in volume with the floor eclipsing 8 ETH.

The Cryptocurrency Market Is Recovering

In a recent turn of events, the crypto market has seen a general upswing this week.

BTC and ETH are up 7.5 and 15 percent respectively. The Dow and S&P were up 5 and 6 percent, too, indicating that the fearful sentiment surrounding current geopolitical issues may be dissipating. 

Other potential market factors include the Federal Reserve approving the interest rate hike and tax season coming to a close. Both could be leading to a general upswing in markets but the jury is still out until a more sustained trend continues.


Top NFT Moversundefined

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club has continued its wild week, dropping 51 percent in volume, but is still well over 5,000 ETH. The floor is on a roller coaster since the ApeCoin ($APE) claim.

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club is following BAYC, dipping for a brief moment before peaking in volume and bouncing the floor price back to nearly 19 ETH. 

  • Azuki saw a huge jump in volume today as daily transactions pump over 300 percent. It seems as though some of the ApeCoin funds are giving the entire NFT market a bump.

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