Floor NFTs Adds Lucky Trader Rarity Rankings to Mobile App

Floor NFTs Adds Lucky Trader Rarity Rankings to Mobile App

Lucky Trader is pleased to announce our partnership with Floor NFTs!

Floor NFTs, an iOS mobile application that allows users to check their NFT collection floor prices in real-time, has officially announced the addition of Lucky Trader rarity rankings to their application. Now, when viewing your NFT collection or discovering new NFTs on the Floors NFT app you can see each respective NFT's rarity ranking alongside its floor price. 

Floor NFTs app is uniquely token-gated, requiring users to hold a Floor App NFT to access the app and all its features. Floor boasts two completed NFT collections - Gen 1 and Gen 2 - and is currently minting Gen 3 on their site, floornfts.io. Each generation Floor NFT comes with different benefits in addition to app access, including: allowlist giveaway entries, access to limited mint raffles, premium Discord usage, and more. Interested parties can mint the Gen 3 Floor NFT for 0.2 ETH while supplies last. Mint and gain access to the Floors NFT app here.

To gain access to the app after purchasing the NFT, users must join the Floors NFT Discord and verify ownership of the NFT via Collab Land. After ownership has been verified, users will be given the iOS testflight link to the application.

The product is currently only available via iOS with plans to add Android on the roadmap, but likely not completed in the immediate future. Floors NFT app is spearheaded by Chris Maddern, a veteran of fintech and app development. Maddern also played a pivotal role in the creation of LinksDAO and serves on the board for The Block. 

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