gm NFTs Dec. 14: Nike Acquires RTFKT, Little Lemon Friends Reveal, MistleToadz Drop

gm NFTs Dec. 14: Nike Acquires RTFKT, Little Lemon Friends Reveal, MistleToadz Drop
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Top News Today:

  • RTFKT acquired by Nike
  • Pepsi Mic Drop NFT
  • MistleToadz Drop
  • Little Lemon Friends Reveal


Nike Acquires RTKFT

In perhaps the biggest news of the year for NFTs, Nike has acquired web3 fashion company, RTFKT. In an announcement late Monday afternoon, Nike prominently slid in the RTFKT logo alongside the swoosh, Air Jordan, and Converse. It's too early to tell exactly what Nike has in store for RTFKT, but the news alone brought a lot of energy to the NFT scene, immediately sending Clone X avatar prices  (the most recent RTFKT drop), much higher. The dust has settled, bringing the floor for Clone X avatars back down to 3.75 ETH at the time of writing. 


Pepsi Mic Drop NFT

It was just a few days ago that Pepsi entering web3 with an NFT project was enough for the spotlight. Despite being abruptly shoved aside with the Nike news, the Pepsi Mic Drop NFT minting will take place today at 12:30 p.m. ET on the Pepsi site. A collection of 1,893 NFTs, only fortunate whitelist members will be able to mint the Mic Drop NFTs for free later today. After the mint, Lucky Trader will have a full asset explorer and will track the price action on the project rankings page. 

MistleToadz Drop

Late last night the CrypToadz team surprised all holders with a cheerful holiday gift, MistleToadz. MistleToadz is a collection of Christmas-themed CrypToadz created by Gremplin. Available for free to CrypToadz holders, MistleToadz can be claimed at any time. To check whether or not a CrypToadz NFT has already claimed their MistleToadz, holders can use the ID checkbox on

Please note, as most of the collection is outstanding, rarity rankings for the MistleToadz collection is subject to change. 


Little Lemon Friends and Property's NFT Reveal

Both Little Lemon Friends and Property's NFT held their reveals on Monday night after selling out their public sales on Sunday. Each collection is available for exploration using the Lucky Trader asset explorers linked below. As of writing, both collections have done more than the prerequisite 100 ETH in trading required to become verified on OpenSea. 


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