gm NFTs Dec. 16: BYOLand Private and Public Sale

gm NFTs Dec. 16: BYOLand Private and Public Sale
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Top News Today:

  • BYOLand Sale
  • Forgotten Rune Wizard's Cult and Create-to-Earn
  • Wolf Game "Relics" Auctions
  • Coldie "DecentralEyesMashup"


BYOVerse Expands with BYOLand

Quietly the BYOVerse has been expanding rapidly in the last few months. After quietly building post initial launch, the BYOPills team has more loudly expanded their BYOVerse with the launching of keys, vapes, crafts, Apostles, and now LAND!

The sale of BYOLand starts at 9:00 a.m. ET for those who hold at least one BYOVape and BYOPill. For every pair held, participants mint one parcel of land for 0.1 ETH. The remaining pieces of land will be minted via a public Dutch auction starting at at 5:00 p.m. ET. The auction will start at 1 ETH and decline in price until it sells out or reaches the resting price of 0.2 ETH. 

Each piece of BYOLand will come with resources that can be harvested by Apostles, the BYOVerse avatars. Each parcel can be customized over time and earn holders the BYOVerse utility token, $TRYP. Holders will be able to select the location of their land using the BYOVerse map. 


Forgotten Rune Wizard's Cult: Create-to-Earn

Yesterday the Forgotten Rune Wizard's Cult team announced the expansion of the project and their aims at providing a "create-to-earn" ecosystem. The team has partnered with Bisonic to create a web3 fantasy and interactive MMO with battles, spells, and epic quests. Users can sign up to potentially be whitelisted at Holding a Forgotten Rune Wizard's Cult NFT is not required to join the whitelist for Runiverse Land. 


Last night the Wolf Game launched 1/1 relic GIFs of the historical aspects of the Wolf Game and its Risky Game. The auctions were held via the Wolf Game discord and were denominated in $WOOL, the game's utility token. In total, more than seven million $WOOL was spent on Relics, 100 percent of which has been redistributed. Of the $WOOL spent, 10 percent has been burned, creating a deflationary event for $WOOL, and the other 90 percent has been redistributed to the prize pool for the Wolf Game ecosystem. 


"DecentralEyesMashup" by Coldie

At noon ET, Coldie's "DecentralEyesMashup" collection will go live for public sale as part of Async Art's "Blueprints" unveiling. "DecentralEyesMashup" is a collection of 623 editions of mashed iterations of artist Coldie's previous series, "Decentral Eyes." The collection pulls together the likeness of various figures such as Vitalik Buterin, Warren Buffett, Julian Assange, and more. 201 pieces from the collection have already been minted during the presale process at a price of 0.25 ETH.  


NFT Market Updates

  • Clone X floor has calmed, posting a five percent decrease day over day, down to a 4.92 ETH floor at the time of writing. 
  • On the heels of the "create-to-earn" announcement, Forgotten Rune Wizard's Cult is up to a 1.15 ETH floor, a near 60 percent gain. 
  • Doodles also saw a notable gain yesterday, up 32 percent to a 3.50 ETH floor. 

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