gm NFTs Apr. 7 | ESPN Partners With Tom Brady's Autograph to Create First-Ever NFT Collection

gm NFTs Apr. 7 | ESPN Partners With Tom Brady's Autograph to Create First-Ever NFT Collection

Welcome to gm NFTs, the most streamlined way to stay up-to-date on the NFT space each day. The top news for Apr. 7 includes: ESPN's first-ever NFT collection, Akuma Origins and Frank moving the market, Aku NFT snapshot for an airdrop, and more.


ESPN to Create NFT Collection in Partnership With Autograph

Yesterday, ESPN announced an NFT partnership with Autograph, a web3 brand created by Tom Brady that focuses on digital assets in the sports sector.

The partnership outlined a multi-year deal in which Autograph will produce ESPN's first NFT collection.

The first collection on the roadmap is based off of Man in the Arena: Tom Brady, a 10-part ESPN+ documentary that was released yesterday for members and for sale on DraftKings Marketplace. 

Autograph has previously released collections featuring athletes and celebrities such as Naomi Osaka, The Weeknd, Simone BilesTony Hawk, and Derek Jeter.

Tiger Woods and Autograph will release a collection to the public today at 5 p.m. ET with a total collection size of 16,660 NFTs.

The Mystery Container will be one of the 25 potential collectibles within the Tiger Woods Iconic Fist Pumps series.

View more about the Tiger Woods release on the DraftKings Marketplace here.



Akuma Origins Reveals and Frank Skyrockets

Yesterday, Akuma Origins revealed at 5 p.m. ET after delaying for a couple of hours.  

Since reveal, the project has accumulated another 2,200+ ETH in volume over 1,400 sales, while the floor has dipped roughly 30 percent to just above 1 ETH. 

Frank, which was released on Apr. 4 for 0.05 ETH, had a massive day yesterday after recording over 2,040 sales and 1,400 ETH traded in volume.

The floor for Frank is currently 1 ETH at the time of writing.

Everai Duo Heroes inched along over the last week until finally seeing a substantial moving day, pushing close to both 1,000 sales and 1,000 ETH traded in volume. 

The floor for Everai is up 64 percent day-over-day and now sits at 1.14 ETH.

Finally, FVCK_AVATAR// by FVCKRENDER jumped into the 24-hour table after a successful first day of minting at a price of 0.3 ETH.

The project has amassed just over 900 ETH traded yesterday, pushing the floor to 0.7 ETH.


Aku NFT Snapshot for Future Airdrop

Yesterday, Aku NFTs released information of an "Akutar" airdrop for holders following a snapshot at 10 a.m. ET this morning. 

A second snapshot will be taken on Apr. 21 for holders of the "Akutar Airdrop Pass," where the Akutar will be airdropped for free - no burning required. 

Akutars is a unique collection of 15,000 randomly-generated 3D assets that will live on the Ethereum blockchain.  



Girl Code Club Public Mint

Girl Code Club is a female-led project from the Netherlands that features 3,333 NFTs that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each NFT is randomly generated and features over 400 hand-drawn traits, minted at a price of 0.05 ETH

The project is currently in presale and has minted just over 200 tokens at the time of writing. 

Learn more about Girl Code Club and its vision on its website. 



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