gm NFTs Feb. 14: Tasty Bones Raffle, Galaktic Gadgets Airdrop

gm NFTs Feb. 14: Tasty Bones Raffle, Galaktic Gadgets Airdrop
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  • Tasty Bones Raffle
  • Galaktic Gadgets Airdrop
  • Noun Glasses, Bored Apes Make Super Bowl Appearance


Tasty Bones Raffle

Another highly anticipated NFT has been minted almost entirely as a result of presale and early allowlist minters. Only 500 Tasty Bones NFTs remain available for minting, and all of such will go via raffle with distribution to a handful of pre-selected groups. Of the remaining, 350 are reserved for original members of the Tasty Bones Discord, 100 are reserved for OpenDao community members, and the last 50 are reserved for members who took part in an exclusive merchandise promotion. Raffle participants will only be eligible to mint one Tasty Bones NFT. 

The remaining 500 will help round out the 5,000 piece collection which is slated to reveal approximately 69 hours after the raffle. The anticipation for the project has helped drive a rather insignificant mint price (0.069 ETH) to a floor price just under 1.9 ETH at the time of writing. 

Galaktic Gadgets Airdrop

Galaktic Gang, a collection of trippy "galaktic" styled avatars, will airdrop Galaktic Gadgets to holders later today. The airdrop will be free to claim at 1:1 ratio for all Galaktic Gang NFT holders. Therefore, if you hold five Galaktic Gang NFTs, you can claim five Galaktic Gadgets. The announcement came via tweet but as of now not much is known regarding the potential utility of the gadgets NFT. The claim window is expected to open at 5:55 p.m. ET. 


Noun Glasses, Bored Apes Make Super Bowl Appearance

Though there were gripes about the Bored Ape Yacht Club not being showcased during the Super Bowl Halftime show, upon further inspection the collection did in fact make an appearance during the Super Bowl. Pointed out after the fact, a Bored Ape Yacht Club asset was included in the window of the eToro commercial. Additionally, early during the commercial festivities, Noun Glasses, from the collections Nouns and CrypToadz, found themselves included in the Bud Light N3XT commercial. As a reminder, all Bud Light N3XT NFT holders will earn their own Nouns Glasses. The details on claiming have yet to be released. 



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