Tasty Bones NFTs

Tasty Bones NFT Overview

Project Information

Tasty Bones are 5000 skeletons who fetch the food offerings from the Land of the Living and deliver them to souls in the Land of the Dead.

Tasty Bones team includes a project manager, community manager, artist, and dev team. The dev team is Royal Labs, a team that has more than 10 years of experience in Blockchain Development, Software Engineering, Graphic Design, and Strategic Marketing.

The Tasy Bones team is creating an interactive experience with the Tasty Bones where holders are to be rewarded and also be able to interact with the community via their NFTs. The roadmap for Tasy Bones includes the $TBONE token to be used in the TBONE armory, IRL event and giveaways, 3D Tasty Bones, and the Tasty Bones DAO. The Tasty Bones Discord is invite only in effort to not have an overwhelming Discord for the mods.