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gm NFTs Feb. 16: Tasty Bones Reveal, Edenhorde Public Sale
Connor Melhorn

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  • Tasty Bones Post-Reveal Drilldown
  • Edenhorde Public Sale Sell Out
  • NYSE and NFT Market
  • Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records


Tasty Bones Reveal

Early this morning Tasty Bones had their artwork reveal. Tasty Bones has a total circulation of 5,049 pieces and minted for 0.069 ETH. Each Tasty Bones NFT is randomly generated featuring over 240 unique traits that fall into five different rarity tiers ranging from common to legendary.  Over the course of four days since presale launch (February 12), Tasty Bones has accumulated over 5.3K ETh in volume on the secondary marketplace with average price of 1.8447 ETH. Yesterday, Tasty Bones was second in daily volume only behind Azuki racking up an astonishing 1.6K ETH in trading volume since reveal, up roughly 122%.

You can view Tasty Bones rarities and sort through the collection of assets with the button below! 




Edenhorde Public Sale

Edenhorde is a collection of 8,800 NFTs that launched presale on Monday, February 14, 2022 at a mint price of 0.145 ETH.  This morning, Edenhorde sold out the remaining of their circulation via public sale that sold out in a matter of minutes. The public sale was "controlled," meaning that only raffle winners were able to mint in order to avoid costly gas wars.  Edenhorde has accumulated almost 800 ETH trading volume over the last 24 hours - down 42% day over day, with the current floor price sitting at 0.67 ETH. The collection is slated to reveal on February 18. 

NYSE and NFTs? 

Yesterday on February 15, the New York Stock Exchange filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with the outline understood to be a plan for a competing marketplace to OpenSea and Rarible.  This news comes a week after another tech giant Salesforce announced via employee leak of their potential plans to unveil a cloud-based storage system for artist content and a marketplace to also compete in the space going forward. 

Despite continuous rounds of series funding and investor backing, other technology companies are beginning to see cracks in OpenSea's platform and are beginning to implement plans to immerse their companies into the NFT and cryptocurrency sector further. This is not NYSE first venture into the NFT space, as they minted a small collection in April 2021 which showcased six of the biggest tech stocks that have had initial public offerings on the exchange.  

Snoop Dogg's Death Row Records

Days after performing a legendary show at the Super Bowl, Snoop Dogg (also known as Cozomo de Medici) has also released his future plans for Death Row Records.  Snoop explains during a Clubhouse session on Tuesday that Death Row Records is set to be "an NFT label," utilizing blockchain technology and affinity for non-fungible tokens in the music space.  There have been a number of musicians and artists enter the space with music-influenced NFTs or snippets of songs randomly generated to make unique NFTs, but this is the first news fully immersive label with albums set to release on the blockchain.  Snoop has partnered with Gala Games going forward to assist in the transition for Death Row Records to be the first major label to have all supporting artists release albums via the blockchain.

gm NFTs Feb. 16: Tasty Bones Reveal, Edenhorde Public Sale
gm NFTs Feb. 14: Tasty Bones Raffle, Galaktic Gadgets Airdrop
Logan Hitchcock


Noun Glasses, Bored Apes Make Super Bowl Appearance

Though there were gripes about the Bored Ape Yacht Club not being showcased during the Super Bowl Halftime show, upon further inspection the collection did in fact make an appearance during the Super Bowl. Pointed out after the fact, a Bored Ape Yacht Club asset was included in the window of the eToro commercial. Additionally, early during the commercial festivities, Noun Glasses, from the collections Nouns and CrypToadz, found themselves included in the Bud Light N3XT commercial. As a reminder, all Bud Light N3XT NFT holders will earn their own Nouns Glasses. The details on claiming have yet to be released. 



gm NFTs Feb. 14: Tasty Bones Raffle, Galaktic Gadgets Airdrop