gm NFTs Feb 18: Rug Radio L2E Launches, X2Y2 Claim Opens

gm NFTs Feb 18: Rug Radio L2E Launches, X2Y2 Claim Opens
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It's been a drama-filled week, with project founders being called out left and right for cash grabs or art theft, NFT influencers getting exposed, and derivatives forking communities.

But hey - it's Friday! And we've got some positive news to share. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Rug radio launched "Learn 2 Earn" program
  • X2Y2 airdrop claim re-opens
  • Cameo Pass sells out, hints at future plans


Rug Radio "Learn 2 Earn" launches

Rug Radio officially launched its first course of its brand new “Learn 2 Earn” program yesterday evening. The first 4-week course is titled “Wen DAO?” and will provide a “deep dive into all things DAO”. 

The first class seemed to be a hit, as over 3400 attended the Twitter spaces, with over 300 questions submitted in the first 15 minutes. Speakers included Syndicate DAO, Will Papper, Jean Carlos, Mel and John Knopf.

The “earn” component comes in two ways: through asking questions live during the class, and then by passing a test at the end of the four week program. To qualify, one needs to own a Rug Radio Membership NFT and then simply attend.


Learn more about the program here.


X2Y2 Airdrop Claim Re-opens

The latest OpenSea competitor X2Y2 finally re-opened its airdrop claim after a 48+ hour pause. 

In addition, they launched their first and round of NFT staking rewards along with WETH sharing based on platform spend. The WETH rewards were minimal, as only $10k in volume was processed day 1. But the NFT rewards were plentiful - nearly 625k tokens worth $2.1mm were given out after day 1. 

The NFT staking rewards are calculated using an x2y2 algorithm, but it essentially takes into account 

  • Value of the collection and if it’s actively trading or not
  • List price compared to floor (looking for attractive pricing)
  • Comparative price vs OpenSea (rewards for equal or lower pricing on x2y2)

They have yet to release the results of their platform audit. So always, be careful and DYOR before claiming.


Cameo Pass Sells Out, Hints at Future Plans

The public sale for the final 1k supply of Cameo Pass NFTs lasted all of about 10 seconds before selling out. 

About an hour after the sale ended, the team tweeted out future plans, including:

  • reveal today
  • discord for holders
  • free march of the NFTs (t shirts)
  • events (digital and IRL)
  • airdrop

The market reacted strongly to that tweet, as the floor price rose from 0.25 ETH up to 0.4 this morning ahead of today's reveal. Which of the 3 artists will command the highest floor post-reveal: Burnt Toast, Vinnie Hager or Luke McGarry? Time will tell.


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