gm NFTs Feb 8: Fortune Friends Club Public Sale Begins, Lives of Asuna Reveal

gm NFTs Feb 8: Fortune Friends Club Public Sale Begins, Lives of Asuna Reveal
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Top NFT News Today:

  • Fortune Friends Club Public Sale Launches
  • Lives of Asuna Reveal
  • Art Blocks Factory Drop
  • Pixelmon Mintlist Sale


Fortune Friends Public Sale Launches

After a Discord hack that resulted in a delay of their launch, Fortune Friends Club appears set to run their public sale today. This will not be an ordinary public sale though, instead, the team has decided to make it a raffle. Users who are in the Fortune Friends Club Discord can head over to the #enter-raffle channel in the How To section of the Discord and create a ticket.

After creating a ticket, users can then verify that they are in the Discord and follow @FortuneFriends_ on Twitter using the following Premint link  Premint will also require that the user connect their wallet.

Winners of this raffle will then be eligible to mint during the public mint taking place at 4:00 p.m. ET later today. The mint cost is 0.055 ETH. 


Asuna Reveal

Last night on February 7, 2022, Lives of Asuna revealed their NFTs after more than a week since the mint. During the pre-reveal stage, this NFT collection was sitting at just around a 2.0 ETH floor. At the time of writing, the floor price for Lives of Asuna currently resides at 0.589 ETH, more than a 50 percent drawback from the pre-reveal prices. Explore the collection below. 




Art Blocks Factory Drop

At 12:00 pm ET, Art Blocks will drop its latest Factory collection,"Two Mathematicians" by BY MA. The project explores the “highly mathematical world of Islamic geometric patterns.” The collection features 300 NFTs that will be available for a fixed price of 0.14 ETH. 


Pixelmon Mintlist Sale

Yesterday, Pixelmon sold out their public sale via Dutch Auction, which began at 3.0 ETH and came to an end at 2.4 ETH. At the time of writing, the floor price of Pixelmon currently resides at 1.37 ETH. Today, a mintlist sale for selected users will begin where they have the right to purchase a Pixelmon NFT for 0.6 ETH, 25 percent of the final public mint price. 


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