gm NFTs Feb 9: Cool Pets Public Sale Begins, Third Highest CryptoPunks NFT Sale

gm NFTs Feb 9: Cool Pets Public Sale Begins, Third Highest CryptoPunks NFT Sale
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  • Cool Pets Public Sale
  • Third Highest CryptoPunks NFT Sale Of All Time
  • Market Downtrend
  • DeadHeads Physical Toy Drop


Cool Pets Public Sale

At 8:00 am ET, the allowlist minting for Cool Pets will be coming to a close and the public sale minting will begin at 12:00 pm ET. There were 1,500 spots reserved for the public sale but at the time of writing, according to Cool Cats, around 1000 of the users on the allowlist have not minted theirs. It should be expected that there will be north of 2,000 available in the public sale. Cool Pets will be available for the public at the same price as the allowlist, at 0.50 ETH. At present time, approximately 2,000 Cool Pets are unclaimed by Cool Cat holders as well. However, there is no deadline on when Cool Cat holders can claim their Cool Pets NFT.




Third Highest CryptoPunks NFT Sale Of All Time

While CryptoPunks 5577 only sold for 1 ETH more than the previous third-place sale (and almost $3M less in USD terms), it is still the third-highest CryptoPunks sale of all time in terms of ETH spent, selling for 2501.0 ETH.




Market Downtrend

According to, Ethereum NFTs have seen $87M in sales the last 24 hours, down around 47 percent from the day prior. In the last week, ETH NFTs have traded about $845M in sales, down around 28 percent from the week prior.

DeadHeads Physical Toy Drop

DeadHeads has partnered with Ismtoys to create physical DeadHeads toys for holders. Today holders will be able to enter a web portal and place an order for 0.15 ETH. From the announcement: "Each toy will be embedded with an NFC chip. The NFC chip will connect the toy to Deadheads NFT which has been previously authenticated. Should you sell their NFT, you have the option of keeping the toy. If you do so the chip will become deactivated and the new owner may mint a new toy and connect it to the newly acquired NFT."


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