gm NFTs Mar. 16 | American Express Explores Web3, Magic Eden Series A

gm NFTs Mar. 16 | American Express Explores Web3, Magic Eden Series A

Today's Top News:

  • Market Movers
  • American Express Joins Space
  • Magic Eden Series A

Market Movers

MURI by Haus, which minted for 0.3 ETH, has now broken into both the 7-day and 24-hour OpenSea rankings page.

The project, while being down roughly 40 percent in volume day-over-day, has still amassed over 1,000 sales with an increasing floor price.

MURI by Haus now sits at a 0.59 ETH floor at the time of writing. 

Loser Club is now charting on OpenSea Top Collections on the 24 hour table, boasting a floor increase of 16.23% to 0.57 ETH, while volume increased slightly to roughly 530 ETH traded.

Super Ordinary Villains also cracked the OpenSea Top Collection for their 24 hour volume, seeing over 2,200 sales (up 788.30%) and a floor price of 0.14 ETH.

I Like You, You're Weird, which dropped on Mar. 8 for 0.09 ETH, continues to see increased traction with 1,200 sales and 424.33 ETH (up 67.12%) traded over the last 24 hours, pushing the floor price to 0.32 ETH (floor up 94.12%).

Dour Darcels push may hit a while with a volume shock at the 1 ETH trading price, seeing only 400 ETH traded over the 24 hours and floor price dropping a mere 8.7% to 1.05 ETH. 

Zombie Club Token and MAYC sit at the top of the movers, with MAYC seeing over 55 sales in the last 24 hours and over 1,164 ETH traded.


American Express Files for Trademark

Yesterday, March 15, American Express filed seven trademark applications for potential web3 inclusion, joining peers JP Morgan, Visa, and Mastercard in testing the waters.

American Express is exploring their web3 IP through "American Express, AMEX, and Centurion" and looks to incorporate NFT backed multimedia, cryptocurrency services, and virtual banking/exchange services to its umbrella. Financial conglomerates including American Express aim to capitalize in the race to provide these services including new software for virtual payments to a wallet, e-commerce software to host Metaverse transactions, and a new online marketplace for buyer and sellers of non-fungible tokens.

American Express will surely not be the last to join the space, with JP Morgan launching Onyx Lounge in Decentraland, and more and more indication of an immersive future in the internet including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets.


Magic Eden Receives Series A

Earlier this week, Solana-based NFT marketplace Magic Eden has received a $27 million dollar Series A funding round led by Paradigm that included contributions from Sequoia and Solana Ventures. 

Magic Eden claims to be the largest Solana-based marketplace, boasting over 7.5 million SOL in trading volume in the last six months.

Magic Eden also holds over 90% of market share for NFT games and looks to utilize VC funds to build out a gaming vertical with the launch an NFT mobile application.  

The Solana blockchain continues to be of interest for investors and NFT collectors alike in order to combat high transaction and gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain.


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