gm NFTs Mar. 31 | Azuki Airdrops, Gutter Clones Arrival, and Visa's New Creator Program

gm NFTs Mar. 31 | Azuki Airdrops, Gutter Clones Arrival, and Visa's New Creator Program
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Welcome to gm NFTs, the most streamlined way to stay up-to-date on the NFT space each day. The top news for Mar. 31 includes: Azuki airdropping to holders, Gutter Clones arriving today, Visa creating a new program, and Delta Investment adding NFT tracking. 



Azuki Announces Two Airdrops for Holders, Other Market Movers

Azuki had another consecutive 24-hour trading window with volume topping 2,300+ ETH, up an additional 12.87 percent, and the project's floor price remained stagnant around 18.45 ETH. 

With massive volume over the last two days prior to the Garden Party, Azuki holders were made aware of two airdrops coming to all wallets earlier this morning.

Since release, the airdrop titled "Something Special" has already accumulated close to 3,000 ETH in volume traded. 

The current floor price for Something Special is 3.13 ETH. The utility of these airdropped NFTs is not yet known. 

Impostors Genesis Aliens had its first full 24-hour cycle on the secondary market yesterday following a four-minute sell out on Mar. 29.  Over the last 24 hours, Impostors Genesis has tallied over 1,500 ETH in trading volume, down roughly 50 percent day-over-day.  

The floor for Impostors Genesis has increased almost a full ETH and now sits at 2.25 ETH on OpenSea.

Kiwami Genesis, which minted on Mar. 24 for 0.15 ETH, had their reveal yesterday afternoon. 

The remaining circulation of 1,500 NFTs were minted for free by Anonymice holders, speculating a potential dump for profits with an easy 3x during pre-reveal.

At the time of reveal, OpenSea had API outages that were causing listing errors for some holders. This caused a massive shortage of available listings, pushing the floor price quickly up to almost 1 ETH before listing volume began to sweep in, filled with holders trying to dump common trait Kiwami NFTs. 

The current floor for Kiwami Genesis sits at 0.43 ETH after a respective 3,200 ETH volume traded since reveal.  


Gutter Clones Arrival

Yesterday, the Gutter Cat Gang announced the launch of Gutter Clones via Twitter and Discord to their community.

Gutter Juice was up 225 percent yesterday, posting 368 ETH in volume with the current floor for Gutter Juice sitting at 0.34 ETH.



Visa Launches Immersion Program

The Head of Crypto for Visa, Cuy Sheffield, announced yesterday that Visa is entering the metaverse with the launch of a "Creator Program."

This program is set to help small businesses in sectors like art, music, fashion, and film expand their mediums and knowledge of digital commerce through mentorship and community building. 

"One of the first Creator Program participants is former Major League Baseball second baseman Micah Johnson, who launched his NFT character, Aku, last year," according to CoinDesk.


Delta Investment NFT Tracker

Yesterday, Delta Investment announced that it is adding NFTs to be tracked alongside crypto, stocks, and funds in one place on its application. 

Delta Investment users will be able to integrate their wallets to the application via a web3 connection and utilize all the trading tools upon sync.  


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