gm NFTs Mar 5: Azuki's Bobu Craze, Clone X Special Snapshot

gm NFTs Mar 5: Azuki's Bobu Craze, Clone X Special Snapshot
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It has been a slow week in the NFT and DeFi spaces, as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether continue to lose important levels of support. NFT floor prices are trending in the downward direction, too. But projects are continuing to build. Here is the top news from last week and today:


Top NFT News

  • Azuki's Bobu Tokens Sell Out
  • Clone X Murakami Flowers Snapshot
  • Cool Cats Weekly Town Halls Return



Azuki Sold 20,000 Bobu Tokens Yesterday

On Mar. 6, Azuki sold out its collection of 20,000 Bobu tokens. Each token is said to represent a vote on the future development of the character.

Azuki is experimenting with decentralized, fractionalized, IP management. The team still holds 30,000 of the total 50,000 supply of tokens.


Governance of Bobu includes a multisig wallet that contains 100 percent of the funds from this sale, a committee made up of both the Azuki team and elected community members to decide which proposals should be voted on, votes via Bobu token holders, and elections to decide who will continue to hold important governance positions.

"Oh hey, I'm Bobu," Azuki's official website reads. "I drink a lot of Sake so no one really trusts me to make my own decisions ... I had a little whoopsies and accidentally burnt down the local tavern. Now they want to chop me up into a bunch of little pixels and let you all run my life? What do you want lil' ol Bobu to do?"

This Bobu experiment is pushing the boundaries of individual character governance and development within a project. 

For more information on who Bobu is and why Azuki created him, Lou breaks it down here:



Clone X Murakami Flowers Snapshot Is Happening Today


RTFKT Studio's Clone X is taking a snapshot of all NFT holders with the "Murakami Drip" trait to qualify for an upcoming Murakami Flowers drop by Takashi Murakami (@takashipom).

Murakami Flowers is emphasizing the development of its core vision and values, the community, its own metaverse, digital gaming, an open ecosystem, and a connection with the physical world.

The pictorial roadmap can be seen above, but it is intentionally obscure. Details are expected in the coming weeks and months.

The project is expected to drop this Spring. The snapshot is happening at 8 p.m. ET and the current floor on Clone X NFTs with the required traits is 27.88 ETH.



Cool Cats Weekly Town Halls Are Back

After weeks of game delays, the Cool Cats team is finally back to doing their regularly scheduled Town Hall events for the community.

Last Friday, the four co-founders (Lynqoid, xtremetom, clon, and ELU) virtually sat down to discuss the progress of the game and what the team is doing to rectify the less-than-ideal Cool Pets launch.

The Cool Cats team is continuing to make progress with the speed and functionality of the game, but Polygon is having issues with its network due to a recent fork. The game cannot be released until Polygon fixes those issues.

$MILK accumulation, however, is still happening for all Cool Cats holders. This will be claimable when the game goes live again. 

For more information on last week's Cool Cats Town Hall event, see "ICYMI: Cool Cats Town Hall Meeting Summary."

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