Introducing Lucky Trader Updates! A Comprehensive NFT Newsfeed

Introducing Lucky Trader Updates! A Comprehensive NFT Newsfeed

Staying updated on the NFT industry is difficult to do. The majority of NFT collectors, traders, and bystanders can't scour Discord and Twitter at all times to gather news about their favorite projects. 

But we can. 

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of Lucky Trader Updates, the building blocks of the new and improved Lucky Trader newsfeed. 

Updates are designed to capture all of the most important news from the NFT industry, as it happens, in one comprehensive view. 

Get the latest news! 





What Can I Expect to See in a Lucky Trader Update? 

Lucky Trader Updates are designed to capture all of the most important news from the NFT ecosystem. 

Our goal is to capture any piece of news that may impact you as an NFT holder or a prospective buyer.

To start, we've elected 17(!) different potential update types. You can find the list below, with example headlines suggesting the type of content you may see under each update. 

Notable Sale

The notable sale tag will be applied when there is major NFT purchase. 

Example headline: CryptoPunk #655 Sells for 1,050 ETH ($3.2M)

Price Action

The price action tag will be applied when an update corresponds to notable volume or floor price movement for an NFT collection. 

Example headline: Shinsei Galverse Generates 500 ETH in Secondary Volume 


The auction tag may be applied when an NFT auction is announced, starts, or finishes. 

Example headline: The fRiENDSiES NFT Auction Closed With a Final Resting Price of 0.13 ETH

Allowlist Opportunity

Any allowlist or whitelist opportunity from NFT communities will be tagged with allowlist opportunity. 

Example headline: Little Lemon Friends Holders Offered Allowlist for Lucky Ducky Mint

Media (TV appearance, etc)

The media tag will be applied if an NFT collection or project leader has made or is expected to make a notable media appearance.

Example headline: Gary V and VeeFriends S2 Featured on CNBC’s Fast Money


The teaser tag will be applied to updates that contain official teasers or announcements from NFT projects. It is important to note, this tag will be used when the Lucky Trader team is able to verify the information came from the NFT project or project founder. Any unverified announcements will receive the rumor tag (see below). 

Example headline: BAYC Drops Otherside Trailer After Leaked Images Surface


Roadmap tags will be applied when an NFT project announces a new roadmap or an update to its existing roadmap. 

Example headline: Woodies Announces WoodMap 2.0

IRL Event

The IRL Event tag will be used to share information regarding real life events, like a holder exclusive party or event. 

Example headline: Azuki Announces Major Party at NFT NYC


Legal tags will be added when a project shares information regarding a legal or regulatory issue or announcement. 

Example headline: Bored Ape Yacht Club Consults Legal Team Regarding ApeCoin Usage


If a project or protocol runs into technical difficulties, is hacked, or releases a new innovative minting mechanic, it will receive the tech tag.

Example headline: Fractional Implements New Vault Mechanics

Upcoming Project

When news about a yet to launch project comes out, it will receive the upcoming project tag. 

Example headline: Mems Announces Mint Date


If an NFT project announces a companion airdrop, or a notable protocol is dropping tokens to holders it will receive the airdrop tag.

Example headline: Clone X Holders Airdropped MNLTH Boxes


The token tag will be used when news regarding utility tokens or in-game currencies are shared. 

Example headline: ApeCoin Announced as Acceptable Currency for BAYC Merchandise


The reveal tag will be used to share news regarding NFT project or asset reveals.

Example headline: Picaroons Set Project Reveal for Friday


If a NFT project is verified as a rug, when a founder or founding team takes the money, shuts down the project and "pulls the rug" out from under the community - it will receive the rug tag. 

Example headline: Bored Bunny Founder Shuts Down Project, Confirms Rug


The rumor tag will be applied to news that is widely circulated, and likely to be acted upon by the market, but cannot or has not been verified by an NFT project or founding team. Any time this tag is used the corresponding Lucky Trader Update will be marked with the following disclaimer, "this is an unverified rumor and has not been confirmed by the project."

Example headline: CrypToadz Volume Increased on 'Otherside' Rumor

Town Hall

Last but not least, the town hall tag will be applied to updates shared announcing or recapping NFT project community update calls, typically referred to as Town Halls. 

Example headline: Pixel Vault Announces Next Town Hall Meeting 

Where Can I Find the Latest Updates? 

The Lucky Trader newsfeed, filled with updates, can be found in multiple places on our site, including on the home page below the featured articles or at

Here you can scroll through the day's latest news, including all the top items all in one spot. 

Soon on this page you'll be able to filter by tag, search based on project, and more! Stay tuned! 

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Disclaimer: The author or members of the Lucky Trader staff may own NFTs discussed in this post. Furthermore, the information contained on this website or the Lucky Trader mobile application is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as financial advice. AI may have assisted in the creation of this content.