Is DoDoor Extinct? Project Unverified in Face of Wash Trading Claims

Is DoDoor Extinct? Project Unverified in Face of Wash Trading Claims


This is Hood Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s in the Center Hill area of the city, a quiet neighborhood of lower-to-middle-income homes. The closest business is a towing service called “Junk Car Removal Morgan affordable.” There’s a U-Haul storage site up the road.

DoDoor parent company headquarters shows here in Atlanta. (Google Maps)

This unassuming street is also the presumed home to Unlimited Dimension, the company behind DoDoor NFT, a dodo-inspired PFP that has seen a supposed 2,246 ETH in sales volume since minting out Sept. 26.

The address for the company — 1082 Hood Ave., Atlanta — is listed on a press release that has been published on generic NFT sites like NFT News Prime

In the release, the project espouses the benefits of NFTs (“...anyone can spend a few bucks to buy a copy of Van Gogh’s painting of sunflowers, but he is the only person or organization that can keep the original”) before continuing on with the rest of the plans for Dodoor, including:

  • A P2E game called Dodoor Memo
  • Exclusive streetwear and offline events
  • Conservation of endangered animals

And finally: the purchase of a small island.

It’s lofty goals for a project that has appeared, then disappeared from OpenSea’s rankings page. And has been verified — and un-verified — by OpenSea in its short existence.

The first takedown

Dodoor was the No. 2 project on OpenSea’s volume rankings Sept. 28, showing more than 600 ETH in volume. But as the 1,000-edition project saw its floor price jump to 1.64 ETH, OpenSea took down the project from its rankings around 12:30 p.m. ET Wednesday, causing a massive drop in floor price that saw some wallets accept 0.2 WETH offers.

In the Unlimited Dimension Discord — which has since been closed — the founders made a statement following the removal of the project rankings page:

“We have just noticed our project got taken down from OS trending and ranking stats, and we are now contacting OS customer service to confirm what happened. We will try our best to fix this ASAP and keep you guys updated at all times.”

OpenSea did not respond to requests for information on why it took the project down, though it could have been related to several fresh wallets trading in and out of the project.

Meet Namehuo

OpenSea user Namehuo has been buying and selling Dodoor NFTs since they minted out, getting in at 0.26 ETH on Sept. 26 and 1 ETH on Sept. 27 then selling those for 1.46 and 1.468 ETH, respectively. 

Namehuo’s wallet was created Sept. 9, initially funded by this wallet named wudazi on OpenSea. Wudazi also funded 14 other wallets, all have which bought or sold Dodoor NFTs.

Wudazi’s wallet wasn’t the only main wallet funding DoDoor purchases.

0x35723, which was funded by a 22.42 ETH OKX exchange transfer, sent 0.35 ETH to 64 wallets, which all minted five DoDoor NFTs, according to @Jmann_man, who first pointed out the wallet.

Most of the trading, especially for the higher priced (and not necessarily rare) DoDoor NFTs, has been within the same wallets — a hallmark for wash trading, which gives the collection the appearance it is gaining in popularity so unassuming buyers ape in.

"The wash trade scam of Dodoors is blatant. We knew weeks ago that at least one-third of the tokens were funded by, and minted to, 1 individual. Ridiculous that @opensea continues to allow this as the top volume project," @jmann_man said.

Most of the largest sales trace back to OpenSea user jinzizhou, who paid 20.88 ETH for DoDoor No. 751 to 0x0D098, a wallet that jinzizhou had directly interacted with four times in the past six months.

Not DoDoor's first rodeo

This address, 0xCfC5e, funded the DoDoor contract creator’s wallet with 1 ETH.

0xCfC5e is almost exclusively funded by OpenSea royalties from a project called Bored Ape Travel World, which is an exact copy of the Bored Ape Yacht Club art with a different country’s flag as its background. The floor price is 0.0015 ETH, as of Sept. 28. 

On Sept. 27, the Bored Ape Travel World Twitter replied to a tweet from a Twitter user who announced “I like dodoor!” and posted a screenshot of a list of NFTs. On that list — untagged — was Bored Ape Travel Club and Dodoor NFT.


The banner for the Bored Ape Travel World collection. (OpenSea)

So is Unlimited Dimension affiliated with Bored Ape Travel World?

“I don’t think so,” said Teresa, when asked about the connections, in a Discord message. 

Teresa, who is the assumed contact name on the press release, said that DoDoor NFT is this team’s first project. 

The aforementioned question was the last a Lucky Trader reporter could ask before the Unlimited Dimension Discord was shut down. 

Attempts to reach Teresa through the phone number on the press release were not successful.

Bored Ape Travel World isn't the only project possibly started by the DoDoor creators. Small Graffiti, a Doodles derivative is also connected to several of the wallets that purchased DoDoor and Bored Ape Travel World — and both the DoDoor and Bored Ape Travel World contract addresses were sent ETH from the Small Graffiti Contract Deployer.



Also, the wallet that set the record for the highest Small Graffiti sale on OpenSea (10 ETH), bought the NFT with ETH sent from OpenSea user jinzizhou.

More coming for DoDoor

After closing its Discord and watching its floor price tank, DoDoor inexplicably returned to the OpenSea rankings page, this time as a verified collection.

The collection was subsequently unverified and saw its floor price crash from 2.1 ETH all the way down to its current level at aroun 0.11 ETH. 

That hasn’t stopped the Unlimited Dimension team from trying to acquire more buyers. The project claimed to have airdropped eggs to DoDoor NFT holders Friday and is inviting users to hatch them in their play-to-earn game, DoDoor Memo.

Users that hatch eggs will be whitelisted for Unlimited Dimension’s next project, according to tweets, but it is not known what that next project is or how much it costs to mint.

The hatching process can be fast-tracked, it seems, by purchasing three items, the website shows, that cost from 0.01 to 0.03 ETH.

Users can buy three items in the DoDoor game.

The process is supposedly part of a game in testing mode — and part of Unlimited Dimension’s updated website, where you can find names of the team (Sower, Jim, Noah, Wyatt, and Lesia).

The site also volunteers that DoDoor is the "first original collection" from the team.

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