ICYMI: Little Lemon Friends NFT Town Hall Recap

ICYMI: Little Lemon Friends NFT Town Hall Recap
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Little Lemon Friends, a collection of 9,999 adorable citrus NFTs, is hosting its first-ever Town Hall on Saturday, January 8, 2022. For those that could not attend, below is a summary of the topics discussed. Each month, Lucky Trader will be providing an in-depth Town Hall recap for those that need it.

Key Takeaways: pixel lemons are coming, merchandise is under production, talks for collaborations with projects and brands are happening, the new 'system' is being built, a community update

During the Week

Before we dive into this week's Little Lemon Friends Town Hall meeting, let's talk briefly about what happened during the week. 

  • Little Lemon Friends NFT announced a partnership with Cool Cats NFT to giveaway a few Cool Pets allowlist spots
  • A new Little Lemons Cooking Show with @itsmini and @wenmilk has been announced.
  • Town Halls will be held on a monthly basis.
    • The roadmap for Q2 will be released during the March Town Hall.




Pixel Lemons Are Coming

  • The animated pixel lemons are coming on Feb. 15.
    • All Little Lemon Friends NFT holders will be able to claim one free pixelated lemon per NFT (example: 1 Little Lemon NFT = 1 pixelated lemon, 4 Little Lemon NFTs = 4 pixelated lemons)
    • Pixel lemons will have corresponding traits to the Little Lemon Friends NFTs holders currently have.
    • By Mar. 5, these pixel lemons will be integrated with the metaverse.
      • Pixel lemons will be playable as pixelated characters.
      • The team is focusing on ensuring the pixel lemons are able to integrate with currently existing metaverses and metaverses in the future, rather than building a new metaverse.
    • Pixel lemons will also be integrated into the project's website and system at a later date.


Merchandise Is Under Production

  • Merchandise is coming soon.
    • The team is in contact with a local clothing manufacturer and hoodies are already in production.
    • Hoodies will be available for order on Feb. 6. 
    • This is the project's first clothing drop.
    • There will be more merchandise items coming soon, including:
      • Morning squeeze mugs
      • Dev hats
      • Plushies
      • Children's book
      • More


Collaborations With Projects and Brands

  • The team is working on collaborations.
    • The team is currently in talks with "big projects."
    • The team is exploring partnerships with brands, artists, and other non-web3 platforms.
    • The team is also exploring animations and art pieces.
    • Social media outreach is part of the team's long-term plan. 
      • The team is hiring specialists in social media outreach, artists, web development, and animation.



Little Lemon Friends 'System'


Community Update

  • The team thanks the "unofficial" devs of the project for doing the unofficial Town Halls and more.
  • The team encourages holders to create images, animations, art, and more.
  • Michael Rippe hosts a Morning Squeeze show talking about the NFT in general.
  • Zoom hangouts and cooking shows are also being created by the community.


Q&A Session

In this section, Q indicates a question and A indicates an answer (speaker in parenthesis).

This is a summary, not verbatim.

  • Q: Do you have any plans for official collaborations?
    • A: Definitely. We are talking to a few projects right now. We're talking about how to best do these collaborations. I want to make this innovative. I want it to be interactive, not just an airdrop. 
  • Q: What are the plans for merchandise? Are holders going to have access for free at all?
    • A: For the first drop, this will just be a collection that can be purchased. We might have something for holders exclusively. 
  • Q: What's the best way to reach out about hiring?
    • A: I'll have to talk to the rest of the team about how exactly we're going to do that. But we will set up a form or something.
  • Q: Are you going to work with Worldwide Webb? 
    • A: No comment.
  • Q: Are there plans for more emojis and stickers?
    • A: Yes, absolutely. I'm going to try to make sticker sets that can be used in other social platforms outside of Discord, too. 
  • Q: Is there anything that is going to be exclusive to specific Little Lemon Friends NFT traits?
    • A: I would definitely play around with that idea. Perhaps, getting exclusive access or airdrops would make sense. It would be super fun to make your lemon extra special.
  • Q: Do you have plans in motion for physical lemon toys?
    • A: We haven't started that yet. We are trying to get the hoodies done as fast as possible. But after this Town Hall, we will be looking into plushie pattern makers and 3D modelers to help create 3D figures.
  • Q: What does the lemon brand mean to you?
    • A: The lemons are from a lemon-shaped planet. There is a lemon tree and the creatures are born from this tree. In the early years, the lemons hang out in this tree and make friends. When they grow older, they get chunkier. They inevitably fall out of the lemon tree into the world and have to go on their own adventures. Throughout these adventures, they collect items and loot. Then they meet new friends and create communities. That story is a metaphor for all of us in the web3 space. We're all the little lemons. We got dropped into a new world and throughout our journeys we're starting to figure out our place and meeting amazing people and communities. The project is about connecting likeminded people. It's not just the lemon art, it's about connecting communities.
  • Q: You tweeted with the Lonely Hearts Club a few days ago. Are there updates on that? Is that a possible future thing?
    • A: That was a retweet. It is a project one of our community members was making. They made a special little lemon and heart character graphic. I retweeted it to show support. But yeah, we could play around with that and look into it. Mental health is super important in the space, and we want to make sure we cover that.
  • Q: Which projects are you talking with right now besides Cool Cats?
    • A: I won't say the exact names of the projects until we announce the collaborations more formally, but there are a few of them.
  • Q: Are there plans for an in-real-life meetup?
    • A: I'm from Canada, so we are currently in lockdown. At the moment, there is not an event in the works. But if there is a community organized event, reach out to us and we will help. 
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