Lou's Blues | World of Women Galaxy, Gutter Cat Clones, Azuki Rise

Lou's Blues | World of Women Galaxy, Gutter Cat Clones, Azuki Rise
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This article is designed to track the top NFT projects in the NFT ecosystem, you can quickly see how prices have moved over the past week. As top-tier projects announce more specific details on pieces of their roadmap, this article will be your weekly guide to chronicling the development of the leading NFT projects. The volume of top projects has come back down over the past week after the short-term pump from the Yuga Labs news and $APE.

Price Tracker

Project Name Floor (ETH)

7-Day Volume (ETH) Floor Change* 7-Day Volume Change
Bored Ape Yacht Club 104.8 11,476 +3.7% -69.5%
Mutant Ape Yacht Club 22.4 9,816 +1.8% -60.5%
Cryptopunks 69 3,850 -6.5% -55.6%
Clone X 14 3,417 -2.9% -47.9%
Azuki 18.4 16,332 +49.5% +125.2%
Doodles 13.6 2,808 ---- -24.6%
World of Women 9.5 3,118 -40.0% -11.8%
Cool Cats NFT 8.7 1,554 +7.4% -45.1%
Gutter Cat Gang 8.5 345 -2.4% -317.4%
Invisible Friends 5.2 951 -28.3% -60.6%

(data as of 3/30/2022)
*since last week's article

Notable Sales

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club ID 4740 sold for 200 ETH to MachiBigBrother. This ape had been held since it was minted on May 1, 2021.
  • World of Women Galaxy ID 6428 was purchased for 80 ETH by @crypto888crypto on March 27.
  • Azuki #9605 sold for 420.7 ETH ($1.4M) on March 30. 
  • On Sorare, a Joshua Kimmich 2022 Unique Card (1 of 1) sold for 101.12 ETH (~$315k) on Mar. 25, two days before a Lionel Messi Unique sold for 79.75 ETH (~$258k). 

World of Women

World of Women released an expansion to their ecosystem over the weekend. World of Women Galaxy collection will add 22,000 NFTs to the World of Women NFT ecosystem. 10,000 NFTs were sold in a Dutch Auction on Saturday, with an ending minting price of 1 ETH, after starting at 3 ETH. Each World of Women NFT has a Galaxy NFT free to claim. The claim window is indefinite and there are about 2,200 remaining to be claimed.


Gutter Cat Gang

Gutter Cat Gang announced the start of the fusion of gutter juice into clones via Twitter on Saturday. The video announcement implies that only cat gutter juices will be eligible to be transformed into clones starting on Thursday, Mar. 31. Gutter cat gang has mentioned in the past that the gutter clones are planned to be rolled out by species, so more news on the other species is expected in the coming week.




Azuki was the big mover of the week as people expect a big announcement, potentially around the $BEAN token, at the upcoming event at NFT LA. On March 30, Azuki will have the "Garden Party," a real-life experience in West Hollywood for Azuki holders. Co-founder Zagabond has also tweeted out a hint about an announcement on that day, which investors have taken to believe to be major news.



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