LT;DR Dec. 15 NFT Recap: XCOPY Raffle, Forgotten Runiverse, and Interleave Genesis

LT;DR Dec. 15 NFT Recap: XCOPY Raffle, Forgotten Runiverse, and Interleave Genesis
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XCOPY Raffle

After a last minute pivot, XCOPY’s Grifters” was sold through PreMint NFT as Async Art noticed the potential for the drop to be botted. The remaining 300 or so Grifters were intended to be sold without this raffle, but the move saved collectors from failed transactions for these highly sought-after pieces. Minting at 0.25 ETH and now sitting at a floor of 13 ETH, XCopy’s 666 piece collection can be found under Async Art’s Blueprints OpenSea page.


Forgotten Runiverse

Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult announced today that they have partnered with Bisonic, a gaming company, to build a web3 interactive fantasy MMO in the Forgotten Runiverse. With the headlines Create-to-Earn, Runiverse plans to have players collect resources, own law, craft items to mint NFTs. Every item within the game is played to be an NFT and every resource has its own token. Along with the previous announcement of the Coinbase planning to list the collection on its marketplace, Forgotten Ruin Wizards Cult NFTs have been picking up volume. Up 2000% total sales in the last 24 hours, and the floor reaching 1.2 ETH, collectors are excited about the future for the Runiverse.



Interleave Genesis

Loopify’s latest project, Interleave, is releasing its genesis collection tomorrow. With a movie poster done by BossLogic, the open edition NFT will be available to purchase for 48 hours. With dynamic pricing based on demands, the mint will start at 0.15 ETH with a floor of 0.1 ETH and a ceiling of 0.3 ETH. The dynamic pricing will change every 15 minutes depending on how many collectors are attempting to mint. By using this "Surge" pricing Interleave is attempting to eliminate gas wars. Loopify announced that Movie 1 is complete and plans for 2 more are in the works. The NFT grants collectors rights to vote in future decisions around The Arcadia Trilogy.




  • RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial continues to lead our rankings page since the Nike announcement with 1,010 ETH 24 hour volume and around a 10 ETH floor. 

  • CryptoPunks volume continues to fall off with just under 900 ETH in sales.  

  • Forgotten Ruin Wizards Cult on the back of the heels of the game announcement has performed extraordinarily well this afternoon up over 4,500% in volume. 

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