LT;DR Dec. 17 NFT Recap: adidas NFT Drop, Top Shot Roadmap 2022, and Other Drops

LT;DR Dec. 17 NFT Recap: adidas NFT Drop, Top Shot Roadmap 2022, and Other Drops
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adidas NFT Drop

It was discovered during the early access adidas drop that Mutant Ape holders were unable to mint, forcing adidas to pause the queue and resume a little behind schedule. The public mint kicked off at 6:00 p.m. ET following the early access sale. The public sale, which held just under 10,000 NFTs, sold out in less than five minutes. Holders of the NFT will be granted access to physical merchandise throughout the new year. The adidas "Into the MetaVerse" NFT currently trades around a 0.45 ETH floor just after drop. The reveal is scheduled for sometime this weekend with more specifics to come. 

Top Shot Roadmap 2022

NBA Top Shot released its 2022 roadmap which included some big updates for collectors. Some notable topics include, mint size, rake back and moment bidding. Early speculation suggests the news of rake back in the form of dapper credit may help jump start the marketplace. With the addition of bidding on moments, Dapper is looking to connect individuals better and help facilitate trades within the market. 

Other Drops

Today VeeFriends partnered with UNO to drop an UNO deck reimagined with VeeFriends’ signature characters. In special edition UNO cards with various VeeFriends, Gary V fans now have the ability to hold a physical VeeFriends collectible. Included inside the deck are select holo foil VeeFriends cards with varying rarities. There are a total of 17 foil cards with "Gary Bee" featured as the rarest of them all. 

Art Blocks Factory released "Getijde" by Bart Simons sold out of its 222 total mints via a Dutch auction. The price was set to drop in tiers from 2 to 0.22 ETH, but sold out at 0.35 ETH before the final tier. This meticulously designed generative project has elements of waves and circles creating a charming and simplistic artwork. Getijde pieces are holding a floor of 0.8 ETH and trading 111 ETH in volume since selling out this morning.



  • Project Nanopass surpasses 2,000 ETH in volume sitting at 1.4 ETH floor since release.  

  • CloneX is retracing after the explosion from Nike, with a still impressive 1,742 ETH one day volume. 

  • Doodles have hit their stride again up 144% volume and just under 4 ETH floor. 

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