LT;DR Dec. 20 NFT Recap: Book Games x ImmutableX , Ballerz & Top Shot Tomorrow

LT;DR Dec. 20 NFT Recap: Book Games x ImmutableX , Ballerz & Top Shot Tomorrow
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Top News Today:

  • Book Games x ImmutableX

  • Ballerz & Top Shot Tomorrow

  • Art Blocks "Jiometory"

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Book Games x ImmutableX

GaryVee announced Book Games today for holders that purchased 12 copies of his “Twelve and a Half” will be receiving one of 125,000 NFTs for Book Games. Book Games will be “played” on the L2 network Immutable X in early January. Over the next 3 weeks, VeeFriends will be sharing education and information on how equip and prepare the players for what’s to come with Immutable X. Preparing to deploy with zero gas fees for both developers and users, the solution will be build on top of Ethereum rather than trying to replace it. 

Ballerz & Top Shot Tomorrow

Ballerz were set to release to the secondary market collectors today on Gaia. With the release of Ballerz the Gaia marketplace experienced overwhelming traffic not allowing for listings to appear at first, but now they have come slowly rolling in with a floor of $10,000. In other Dapper related news, NBA Top Shot, Deck the Hoops and Rare MGLE pack drops take place tomorrow. With the priority queue starting at 9:00 a.m. and general queue taking place at 10:30 a.m. for the Legendary drop and the rare following an hour after. These packs will be the third edition of each themed pack for Dapper's NBA Top Shot. 

Art Blocks "Jiometory"

Art Blocks Curated collection “Jiometory No Compute” sold out in 33 minutes today in Dutch auction format with a starting price of 5 ETH and a final mint price of 1 ETH. With a series of geometric, animated works each holder will receive working GameBoy cartridges to display. With further details to come later the secondary sales have hit 585 ETH since the final mint at 1:33 p.m. today. 




  • Sandbox Asset have exploded the last 24 hours up over 300% in volume leading our rankings page with 2,400 ETH in sales. 

  • CloneX is still retracing since the explosion from Nike, with a still impressive 1,119 ETH one day volume. 

  • Coolman's Universe after minting has preformed well with 718 ETH volume and 92% floor gain. 

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