LT;DR Feb. 7 NFT Recap: V1 Punks Removed from OpenSea

LT;DR Feb. 7 NFT Recap: V1 Punks Removed from OpenSea
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  • V1 Punks Removed

  • Pixelmon & Cool Pets Mint

  • Nouns Super Bowl Ad

  • Top NFT Movers

V1 Punks Removed

Since Larva Labs threatened to take action last week against V1 Punks Wrapped, the V1 collection was subsequently delisted on OpenSea today. With the floor near 15 ETH, this delisting caused some sellers to use the new LooksRare Marketplace to accept WETH offers on V1 Punks. Ten accepted offers since the takedown mounted to over 100 ETH in sales. 


Pixelmon & Cool Pets Mint

Pixelmon Generation 1 sold out via a public Dutch auction starting at 3 ETH with the final resting price of 2.4 ETH. Taking in over a staggering 24,000 ETH in total volume today, Pixelmon Generation 1 characters are creatures that will be playable genesis collectibles that cannot be caught in the upcoming  game. A mintlist sale for the remaining ~2,000 NFTs will take place on Feb. 8 with a cost of 0.6 ETH. The game is scheduled to be released in Q2 of 2023. Since hitting the secondary markets Pixelmon has struggled, dropping to 1.44 ETH, a full ETH below the final public mint price.  

Cool Pets resumed minting today for its allow list members. With roughly 6,200 pets minted today the floor has held steady against the influx of supply to the market. After a few floor sweeps and nearly 3,000 ETH in volume today, Cool Pets has held a 2.1-2.3 ETH floor for most of the day while minting has occurred. Holding roughly 1,500 Cool Pets for the public sale, if all allow list mint, the final NFTs of the collection will go on sale Wednesday with Thursday being the tentative game start date. 

Nouns Super Bowl Ad

Nouns will be featured in Bud Light Super Bowl Ad via the iconic blue Noun glasses imagery. “Noun glasses” from the Nouns NFT, which gifted the beer brand a Nouns NFT as part of a partnership with the Nouns DAO, will be featured in the upcoming Super Bowl LVI. Bud Light revealed the advertisement titled "Zero in the Way of Possibility", which will feature Bud Light's Next beverage. 





  • Azuki is up after the weekend of slow volume on OpenSea, breaking 2,200 ETH and is first on our ranking page. The floor has been fluctuating on Anime projects lately but Azuki seems to hold steady at around 10 ETH. 

  • Clone X drops a still over 1,100 ETH in 24-hour volume, floor holding around 16 ETH. Most larger projects saw a slowdown since stellar volumes early last few weeks.

  • Heroes NFT after selling out last night jump onto our ranking page. Up to 0.43 ETH since minting at 0.08 ETH and breaking 1,000 ETH in volume. 

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