LT;DR Jan. 10 NFT Recap: $LOOKS Releases, Book Games

LT;DR Jan. 10 NFT Recap: $LOOKS Releases, Book Games

Top News Today:

  • $LOOKS Releases

  • Art Blocks 'Chimera' 

  • Books Games

  • Top Movers

$LOOKS Releases

LooksRare NFT Marketplace released to the public today, allowing active Ethereum users to claim $LOOKS tokens, the platform's native token. Lucky Trader Staff put together a quick guide on how to successfully claim $LOOKS based on your activity. In direct competition with OpenSea, LooksRare is trying to capitalize on the shortcomings that the community has voiced about OpenSea. During this past weekend of heavy volume, OpenSea experienced outages and the web3 ecosystem has high hopes for competition entering the market. $LOOKS has bounced in between $2.00 and $3.00 during its first day of trading as more users have claimed their tokens. 

Art Blocks 'Chimera' 

In Art Blocks first curated collection of the 2022 calendar year, “Chimera” by mpkoz sold out its 987 NFTs in 15 minutes through a Dutch auction format. The starting price was 3.5 ETH and the final mint price was 2.4 ETH in an explosive start to Art Blocks Curated Series 6. In the last quarter of 2021, curated collections were selling out similar size collections in twice as long with most reaching under 1 ETH final mint price. "Chimera" is a collection of procedurally generated flower live art pieces that struck a chord with the NFT community, doing over 4,000 ETH in secondary sales since minting out this afternoon. 

Book Games

Book Games released their marketplace this afternoon on the VeeFriends website. The Book Games tokens are split between 15 drawings with 1,200 varying combinations and ranks. These ranks will determine the value of each token, with certain assets on the Book Games Marketplace requiring different ranks of tokens to purchase. For more about the exchange system, read the guide VeeFriends blogged about exchanging tokens for assets on the Immutable X/Book Games Marketplace.  



  • PhantaBear leads our rankings page with 3,735 ETH in 24-hour volume, running up 7% after a crazy weekend. 
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club with an impressive 2,900 ETH volume on a down day, floor holds steady at 75 ETH. 
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club break 15 ETH floor and just under 2,000 ETH in volume, as both Apes continue to run strong.  
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