LT;DR Jan. 31 NFT Recap: Cool Pets Delay, Capsule House Yokai Reveal

LT;DR Jan. 31 NFT Recap: Cool Pets Delay, Capsule House Yokai Reveal
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  • Cool Pets Delay

  • Capsule House Yokai Reveal

  • Dead Ringers

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Cool Pets Delay

Cool Cats delayed the Cool Pets claim that was scheduled to start at 4 p.m. ET. After some delays in deploying the contract for the Cool Pets, the minting started for Cool Cat holders around 6:00 p.m. ET. With a small supply being minted so far, the floor has hovered around 3 ETH. The allow list is still scheduled for roughly an hour after the holder mint. 

Capsule House Yokai Reveal

Holders of Yokai species for the Capsule House NFTs were able to hatch their PFPs starting earlier this afternoon. Since the release, Yokai PFPs have been trading around 5 ETH as the supply slowly mints. Capsule House is up 36% in 24-hour volume, with a floor of 3.5 ETH between all species. 

Dead Ringers Editions

Dead Ringers is a collection of pieces from artist Dmitri Cherniak, that were created every day during January 2022. "Ringers" generated a new output and sent it to a random wallet address. Today the open edition collection of  "Dead Ringers Grid", which displays all the Dead Ringers outputs closes at midnight ET. Minting at 0.05 ETH with 13,951 the collection is available here.  




  • BAYC with an insane 7,800 ETH volume leads our rankings page with a 118 ETH floor.

  • Clone X jumps 170% in volume with over 7,000 ETH in 24-hour volume. 

  • MAYC breaks the top three on the rankings page, up 9% to a 26.7 ETH floor. 

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