LT;DR Jan. 5 NFT Recap: Small Cap Projects Selling, OpenSea Reaches 1 Billion in 2022

LT;DR Jan. 5 NFT Recap: Small Cap Projects Selling, OpenSea Reaches 1 Billion in 2022

Top News Today:

  • Small Projects Selling

  • OpenSea Reaches 1 Billion in 2022

  •  Crypto Market Slides 

  • Top Movers

Small Cap Projects Selling

With volume up across OpenSea the first week in 2022, some smaller projects saw a jump in sales numbers over the last 24 hours. Kumo x World Residents which minted in November, hit over 1,000 sales in the last day, up 250%, and bring the floor with it to 0.34 ETH. 

Minting in early December, Thingdoms had similar price action with 400 ETH in total volume yesterday and over 1,100 transactions. Much like Kumo Residents, Thingdoms hit a floor of 0.37 ETH up over 100% in the last 24 hours. 

DinoBabies had sat relatively close to their mint price of 0.05ETH until yesterday. After over 1,000 transactions, DinoBabies now sit at 0.12 ETH with a 190 ETH 24 hour volume. 

OpenSea Reaches 1 Billion in 2022

Since the turn of the new year, OpenSea has seen a steady increase in daily volume, breaking $240 Million 3 days in a row. With over $235 Million in volume on OpenSea today, the platform has reached the $1 Billion mark so far in 2022. Five days into the new year and it seems as though OpenSea NFT sales are not slowing down. If the number keeps up through January this will be the largest month in total volume, with the top being in August 2021 with $2.4 Billion total volume. With active users closing in on 1 million, the total volume will be an interesting metric to track throughout 2022. 

Cryptocurrency Market Slides

In DeFi news, the markets took a hit this afternoon with top performers losing around 10%.  The Cryptocurrency Market has been in a slight downturn since ATHs in November. The price fluctuation before 2022 may have been attributed to the ending of the fiscal year, but since the start of the new year, Cryptocurrency has continued to dip as NFT sales skyrocket. 



  • Doodles, after a stellar run, cool off but still lead with almost 3,500 ETH in volume. The floor has risen 22% closing in on 10 ETH. 

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club volume getting slower, still an impressive 2,179 ETH volume with floor steady above 14 ETH. 

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club holds the third spot with 1,596 ETH in volume, as Mutants and Apes alike continue to sell. 

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