LT;DR Mar. 1 NFT Recap: Pixelmon's Kevin

LT;DR Mar. 1 NFT Recap: Pixelmon's Kevin
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Pixelmon's Kevin

Pixelmon have begun hatching to a displeased NFT community, but one shining Kevin stands apart from the rest. Pictured below, Kevin, has become a meme on crypto twitter since revealing, driving the price of this specific creature through the roof. Despite a strong decline in the overall collection floor price, Kevin's have generated sales upwards of 7 ETH. The rest of Generation 1 Pixelmon NFTs sit at a floor of 0.4 ETH.


Market Update

The NFT market continues to see a slow down in volume as we enter March. During the last two weeks of February, OpenSea struggled to crack $100 million in daily trading volume, a number which was the floor for all of January. Although NFT volume has struggled, the broader crypto market has preformed well to start March. After a fearful sell off during the start of the Russia - Ukraine conflict, Bitcoin and Ethereum are both up over 10% week over week. 

Rubber Duck Bath Party

Rubber Duck Bath Party began minting today for its "Pre-Game Mint List", selling 8,252 ducks at 0.08 ETH.  The ducks are sitting a a 0.24 ETH price floor on the secondary market at present time. Any ducks not sold during the pre-game mint will be sold during the raffle mint tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. ET. The project boasts a party mechanic that can alter the Party Duck NFT forever. 



  • Invisible Friends remain in the top spot after but continue to slide off tremendously down 47% in volume just over 1,000 ETH in secondary sales. Floor has held steady, as a majority of the NFT community struggles for volume. 

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club jumps onto the rankings page actually up 11% in volume but only to a merger 594 ETH in last 24 hours. Floor holding around that 85 ETH mark after the retrace from its highest point of 118 ETH 

  • Wonderpals remain on our rankings page but down nearly 48% in volume just over 550 ETH. With reveal coming tomorrow the project will likely gain some volume back as collectors find their individual favorites. 

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