Lucky Trader and Fractional Announce charity: water Campaign

Lucky Trader and Fractional Announce charity: water Campaign

In the last year the fortune of many individuals participating in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and web3 has changed dramatically for the good. The price of digital assets soared to all-time highs, NFTs garnered rapid adoption, and web3 was legitimized as a catalyst of technological innovation. 

However, despite the overwhelmingly positive effects felt by those close to the action, many around the world remain much less fortunate.  

To give back to those less fortunate and play a part in creating positive change, Lucky Trader and Fractional are excited and honored to partner and announce a charitable campaign via charity: water, a leading non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 


“I’m excited to work with Lucky Trader and charity: water to help bring more attention and capital to efficient charitable causes such as charity: water, said Fractional Director of Vibes, DeeZe Fi. "The crypto community has had an insane year and I know we’ll show up to give to those less fortunate than us.”

“My hope is our campaign inspires others in the web3 space to give something back, and we create a tsunami of charitable actions that make a real difference in the world,” said Lucky Trader project leader Todd Halkowski. 

Why charity: water? 

Though crypto is gaining in popularity, the public narrative surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology remains mired in concerns about legitimate use cases and negative environmental impacts. 

With a blockchain-like focus on transparent financials and an unparalleled commitment to ensuring donors understand the impact of their funds, charity: water was truly a perfect fit to help those less fortunate while positively impacting the environment. 

How It Works 

Since charity: water’s operating costs are all funded via private donors, 100 percent of donations are used to fund water projects in developing countries. To date, the non-profit has funded more than 79,000 water projects in 29 countries around the world, bringing clean and safe drinking water to millions of people who previously did not have access to it. 

For each of their water projects, charity: water partners with experienced local organizations to ensure each project is sustainable and community-owned. Upon the kickoff of a new project, GPS coordinates and project updates are available to all donors so that they can monitor the real-time impact of their contributions. A map of all active and completed projects around the globe is available on their “Our Work” page. 

How Can I Donate? 

Willing donors can make contributions to the Lucky Trader and Fractional campaign directly via charity: water, or through the "donate now" buttons in this article. 

All donors will receive a POAP designed by UW-Parkside student and artist, Hannah Marie Halkowski to signify their contribution as a part of the Lucky Trader and Fractional campaign.

All donations to the campaign can be tracked via the Lucky Trader Leaderboard. Those donors who make a contribution via an Ethereum wallet that has been connected to Lucky Trader will be designated with a Lucky Trader and Fractional Badge on the leaderboard.  

In addition to the donor POAP, the leading donors from the Lucky Trader and Fractional community are eligible to be airdropped fractions of two donated NFT photographs from photographer T.J. Thorne. You can view the assets from Thorne's Ebb and Flow collection, here and here



Thorne, who is well-known for his water photography, commented on his involvement in the campaign. 

“I am donating these photographs because I believe that water is a right, not a privilege. Without water, life as we know it would not exist and it's easy to take this resource for granted. To know my privilege and to know that there are people who struggle for even the basic right to consume safe water is unsettling. I'm glad that there are organizations like Charity: Water that work towards improving this basic necessity of life to people around the world. With their mission, their transparency, and their passion, I am honored to donate something as personal and meaningful as my photography and I hope that it can help make a change for the better.” 


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