Mastercard Concludes Web3 Music Program with NFT Release

Mastercard Concludes Web3 Music Program with NFT Release

Mastercard concludes its web3 music program, The Mastercard Artist Accelerator, with a live streamed showcase featuring AI-driven singles from five global artists.

The Deets

  • The program introduced emerging artists to the digital economy, culminating in an AI-crafted music showcase.
  • Each track, created using AI Music Studio by WarpSound, integrates Mastercard's sonic DNA.
  • The showcase, which marks the end of a community-centered web3 program, will make each song available as an NFT.
  • The NFTs can be claimed on the OneOf Marketplace during the showcase on July 27.

The Bulk

Mastercard's foray into the digital music realm, The Mastercard Artist Accelerator, concludes with a showcase later this month. This ambitious web3 music program aimed to equip emerging artists with the necessary tools and skills to navigate and succeed in the digital economy.

The featured artists created unique tracks using the AI Music Studio, powered by leading generative AI music company WarpSound. The tracks not only echo the artists' creative expression but also incorporate Mastercard's sonic DNA. This integration offers an innovative twist, personalizing the tracks further.

The web3 program emphasized community involvement. Over 100,000 people minted the limited-edition multisensory Mastercard Music Pass NFT. As a fitting conclusion, each song from the showcase will be available as an NFT. Viewers can claim these NFTs on the OneOf Marketplace during the live stream on July 27.

❗Why It Matters

Mastercard's innovative approach to fostering emerging artists in the digital economy underscores the potential of web3 and NFTs in the music industry.

This venture could set a precedent for future digital music programs, demonstrating how technology can push creativity to unprecedented heights.

🎤 Founder Feedback

We've seen how emerging technology can push creativity to new heights and give us opportunities to connect with people in exciting ways. Throughout this program, these artists have explored an entirely new space that will have lasting impact on the music industry and we're thrilled that we were a part of their journey.Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard chief marketing and communications officer

🔜 What's Next?

As the showcase marks the culmination of Mastercard's Artist Accelerator program, the industry will be keenly watching to see the long-term impacts of this initiative on the artists involved and the wider music industry.


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