Nate Alex's MegaSpaces Live Blog!

Nate Alex's MegaSpaces Live Blog!

Famed for Chainfaces, Chainfaces Arena, Secret Project, SquigglyWTF, and general Twitter tomfoolery, Nate Alex is bringing together the top minds in NFTs and web3 for a MEGASPACES on Twitter starting tonight at 5:00 p.m. ET. 

The space is being broken into five separate one hour panels of founders and industry leaders, like Josie Bellini, Andy8052, Scott Lewis, and more.

The event will kickoff at 5:00 p.m. ET, with the final panel slated to go live at 9:00 p.m. ET. 

You can view the lineup and participants in Nate's tweet below or join the space here. But...for those who can't attend, or don't to attend - I've decided to sit in a chair for five hours and create a historical record by live blogging the event. For additional news and notes, follow me on Twitter, @LHitch09

A panel of founders and artists from notable NFT projects and platforms, including Purrnelope's Country Club, Mxtter Art, Neon District, and more. 

  • Panel designed to put together leaders and founders who have been building things and brands, aimed to inspire others, based on inspiring conversations Nate has had with the respective parties. 
  • J1mmy.eth, created Avastars and NFT42, creating Nameless. 
    • Been collecting in the space since 2017 with CryptoKitties. 
  • Vinne Hager, visual artist
    • joined space in summer 2020 from traditional art background
    • genesis collection, Letters, 1K pieces
  • Carlini8N, co-founded NFTBoxes, founder of Purrnelope's Country Club
  • Coin_Artist, technologist, co-founder Blockade Games
    • focused on NFT game development
    • traditionally an artist 

Where Is the NFT Space Headed? 

  • j1mmy : "2022 is going to make 2021 look like a chump. Will continue to see adoption of NFT collectors, and more adoption of the technology. A lot more access, membership, records management, identity, as well. In the next 10 years will be something every one uses every day in their life." 
  • Carlini8N: "Almost no one is thinking big enough." 
    • "Most NFTs in the long-term won't have images."
  • coin_artist: "Clearly bullish on gaming, but before we can have great gaming experiences a lot of infrastructure and middleware needs to be sorted." 

How Have you Seen The Space Change over Last Few Years? 

  • j1mmy: "Ahead of where I thought we would be in 2022. More people are investing time and energy to learn about NFTs." 
  • vinnie: "Excited to see how solo artists use the tech to explore new things." 
  • Carlini8N: "The insane level of talent in the space." 

What Do You Think About Artists or Others Who Want to Fight NFTs? 

  • j1mmy: "Until you have your aha moment, you're going to be skeptical." 

What Practical Advice Would You Give a Listener About Being in Web3? 

  • Carlini8N: "You're going to be working hard."
  • coin_artist: "Think about first things that have never been done before in a small scope that you can be splashy and move fast and drop it without expecting." 
  • vinnie: "Take your time." 

What Is Your Take on Public Perception of NFTs? 

  • Carlini8N: "Our devs daughter won't even wear his cat on a hoodie because everyone at school hates NFTs." 

What Was the Biggest Mistake You Made? 

  • j1mmy: "Had my pride attached too much on my own project and lashed out when I shouldn't have and try to be more fair and encourage innovation where I can." 

A packed opening panel includes founders and artists from notable NFT projects and platforms, including CyberBrokers, Zen Academy, and more. 

  • josiebellini: artist working in the space for a long time, recently launched CyberBrokers. 
  • chriscantino: lifelong artist that turned entrepreneur, started Club CPB where web3 meets consumer. 
  • cybourgeoisie: helping run Blockade Games, creators of Neon District.
  • Zeneca_33: entered Crypto in 2016, content creator and builder of Zen Academy 
  • LuisANavia: co-founder and president of NFT Now

Where Is the NFT Space Headed? 

  • Zeneca_33: "We're at the cusp of widespread adoption. I think the metaverse will be a big thing in 5-10 years." 
  • chriscantino: "All the innovation ejected in the ecosystem right now is only going to increase." 
  • cybourgeoisie: "We have a lot of work to do to make the technology safe and accessible." 
  • josiebellini: "We really are at the very beginning of this." 

What Can People Do to Protect Themselves From Being Scammed? 

  • chriscantino: "Set up more than one wallet with the goal of spreading out assets." 
  • cybourgeoisie: "Education is key." 

How Much Did Luck Play a Role in Your Success? 

  • josiebellini: "Luck plays a big role. You can create more luck for yourself, but I 100% think that luck with timing and connections plays a big part." 

A panel that includes founders and artists from notable NFT projects and platforms, including, sfermion, and more. 

  • bigheadhq: leader of Big Head Club
  • andrewsteinwold: launched an NFT focused fund called sfermion, and runs the Zima Red newsletter
  • andy8052: solidity dev, started 
  • webbemotional: builder, founder of Worldwide Webb Land

Where Is the NFT Space Headed? 

  • bigheadhq: "I have no idea. I think digital fashion will be big. Interoperability will be big. But...i dont know. We're trying to experiment our way into the future."
  • andrewsteinwold: "This is going to be the biggest market worldwide, no doubt." 
  • andy8052: "Anyone who tells you what the next big thing is going to be, probably has something to sell you. But I'm incredibly bullish and excited to see this new global financial system evolve. A lot of the specifics are hazy." 

What Are the Best Use Cases for NFTs Now and in the Near Future?

  • ohhshiny: "The producer pass for White Rabbit, an animated movie. You get to actually pick the direction that the character takes, and you can stake your producer pass and get rewarded for participating." 
  • webbemotional: "When I think about great NFT use cases, we're just not there. And it's exciting, there is so much yet to come." 

What Do You Think About the Public Perception of NFTs?

  • bigheadhq: "They think we're losers." 
  • webbemotional: "Every day people just don't get it." 

Where Is the NFT Space Headed? 

  • scottlewis: "The most interesting, completely undecided question is what are low price point NFTs going to look like. What is the format of a $10-50 NFT?" 
  • iamdcinvestor: "More retail options are coming to NFTs. In 10 years, some NFTs will be seen as significant stores of value." 
  • hunterorrell: "The monetary value of NFTs will change a lot." 
  • vonmises: "The penetration of NFTs gets to the point where we aren't distinguishing between NFTs and real world assets, they're just assets." 

What Are Your Thoughts on Blockchains Other Than Ethereum?

  • hunterorrell: "It's dangerous to be a maxi." 
  • scott_lew_is: "A lot of other chains will be great places to own NFTs." 
  • iamdcinvestor: "I view Ethereum as a place for higher value NFTs." 

How Do You Balance a Short-Term Trade Versus a Long-Term Position?

  • scott_lew_is: "If you're not doing it full-time, or 15-20 hours a week, you shouldn't be short-term NFT trading." 
  • iamdcinvestor: "It's tough to know what's going to have value in 10 years. Most people would be better off trading assets less." 
  • mattmedved: "I'm just incredibly bullish on this ecosystem and a big believer if I can keep value in it, I should." 


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