Reignmakers Market Report: Players to Watch and Strategic Insights for Week 7

Reignmakers Market Report: Players to Watch and Strategic Insights for Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 of the NFL season! DraftKings Reignmakers NFL, now in its second season, is gaining popularity among fans due to its evolving nature. Not only does it offer substantial first-place prizes, but it also provides a marketplace for buying and selling cards 24 hours a day. Taking advantage of buying low and selling high is precisely the goal of this article, which identifies the significant price movers over the past week.

This article focuses on capitalizing on market overreactions, a strategy that can yield returns regardless of the actual game outcomes. While player performance is undoubtedly important, the increasing supply of cards, particularly in the ELITE tier and above, seems to be stabilizing prices, with more positive than negative trends on the weekly ledger. Let's delve into it.

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Find the good and the bad for quarterbacks in Week 6 below. 

The Good

Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions have been surprising many as one of the standout teams in the NFL during the first six weeks of the season. Goff's excellent performance has caught the attention of many investors, leading to a substantial increase of over 50% in his card prices over the last seven days.

Additionally, several other starting quarterbacks have also experienced a rise in their Rush set card prices, including Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, Geno Smith, Jordan Love, and Kirk Cousins, all of whom have seen their cards increase by about 20% or more.

This increase in card values for starting quarterbacks is a positive indicator, suggesting that the marketplace might have reached its price floor, which is a promising development.

The Bad

If you've been considering buying rookie C.J. Stroud's cards, this week might present a good opportunity. During his bye week, Stroud's cards have seen a decrease of approximately 40%, making them more affordable. However, please note that there won't be any immediate utility for Stroud's cards during his bye week.

On the other hand, Daniel Jones is another quarterback whose card prices have declined, with about a 25-30% drop in the past week. This downward trend might be attributed to the recent performance and market dynamics.

Several other players have seen their card values decline due to injuries sustained in week 6. These include Justin Fields and Jimmy Garoppolo, among others. Injuries can significantly impact a player's card prices and the market's perception of their future performance.

Trevor Lawrence is another player to watch as his card prices have decreased by approximately 25% over the past week. This decline is primarily due to the fact that he has only one game scheduled in the next 21 days. After playing this week, he has a regular bye week coming up, followed by his next game on the following Sunday. Despite this temporary decrease in value, Lawrence is considered a player with a high upside, and his team is on track to make the playoffs for the second consecutive year.

Running Backs

Find the good and bad about this week's running backs below. 

The Good

! Injuries to high-ranking or starting players continue to have a significant impact on the running back market. In the past week, we've seen notable movements in card prices. Jordan Mason's cards surged by nearly 250%, reaching a floor value of approximately $190. Jamal Williams returned from injury, and his card prices rose from a floor of around $45 to about $75.

Jahmyr Gibbs, who was coming back from an injury, witnessed an 80% increase in card prices week over week, with a floor value of approximately $250 for his Rush set cards. Zach Moss's prices have been steadily increasing and are currently sitting around $260 at the floor, even with star player Jonathan Taylor returning from injury. These movements highlight how injuries and player returns from injury continue to be key drivers of fluctuations in card values in the running back market.

The Bad

Over the past week, the running back card market has shown relative stability, with only a few starters experiencing notable price decreases. This trend highlights the theory that card prices appear to have reached a bottom. It's worth noting that Raheem Mostert's card prices have seen declines, particularly in his Play-Action set cards, as his performance was outside the main slate, where these cards typically have the most utility due to gated contests.

Several starters, such as Joe Mixon, Rhamondre Stevenson, James Cook, and David Montgomery, have witnessed declines of at least 20% in their card prices over the last week. This suggests that the running back market is becoming less volatile and more balanced.

Wide Receivers

Now onto the wideouts...

The Good

Mecole Hardman's recent trade back to the Chiefs had a significant impact on his card prices. Although they were initially at a floor of about $18 before the trade, they had substantial room for growth.

Amari Cooper stands out as one of the most notable price increases, with his cards now reaching around $300 at the floor. Diontae Johnson's return to the Steelers' lineup has pushed his card values to approximately $200.

Keenan Allen is making a strong case for being the most expensive wide receiver in the game, with his editions starting at a whopping $750.

Other wide receivers experiencing notable price increases include Terry McLaurin, DK Metcalf, Drake London, Tee Higgins, DK Metcalf again (a noteworthy player indeed), and two rookies, Zay Flowers and Rashee Rice. These price fluctuations highlight the dynamic nature of the Reignmakers market, with various factors influencing the values of these cards.

The Bad

The wide receiver landscape in LA has seen a surprising shift, with TuTu Atwell and Van Jefferson seemingly losing their prominent roles. Atwell's prices have tumbled by nearly 50% this week, reflecting the uncertainty in the Rams' wide receiver corps, with Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua taking center stage.

Calvin Ridley is another notable wide receiver facing declining prices, which aligns with his diminishing target share. On a positive note, Garrett Wilson is on a bye this week after two strong performances. With his current price hovering around $200, he might be a promising buy-low candidate.

Speaking of buy-low opportunities, Ja'Marr Chase, who is also on a bye this week and had a relatively quiet performance in Week 6, has seen his floor price settle at about $400. Similarly, Davante Adams, an elite wide receiver, experienced a 31% decrease in his card prices. It seems that his investors are reflecting concerns about his role within the Packers' offense. These shifts in prices emphasize how factors like performance, roles, and team dynamics can affect card values in the Reignmakers market.

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