DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Week 9 Diary: NFT Portfolio Insights, Game Stacks & Top Selections

DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Week 9 Diary: NFT Portfolio Insights, Game Stacks & Top Selections

The midpoint of the NFL regular season will be met after today's games. However, the enthusiasm doesn't dwindle, particularly with the larger DraftKings Reignmakers prizes still on the horizon. This week hosts several special contests, among them the international contest highlighting the Miami vs. Kansas City game.

This article will detail my strategy for the week, focusing on ways to minimize investment while maximizing potential returns. I'll also explore the approach for my fourth and final slot in the highlighted International contest. Let's dive into the dynamics of week 9.

Portfolio Recap & Strategy for Week 9

After DraftKings revealed the future utility of cards, I chose to retain most of my portfolio, emphasizing building my 2023 collection via my extensive 2022 collection, which boasts over 1,500 NFT cards with top-tier players.

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At the beginning of the week, as I reviewed the various showdown and primetime games, I anticipated a challenging week for my portfolio, particularly in the main slate. Let's start with the International game. Throughout this journey, I've managed to secure a Patrick Mahomes, an Isiah Pacheco, and a Jaylen Waddle card.

A decent array of cards for a tournament hosting just under 650 entries at the time of this writing. Choosing the final player is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Given Travis Kelce's high price of nearly $200, and considering my existing exposure to Tua Tagovailoa, I've settled on Rashee Rice, who led the Chiefs WRs in routes run and snaps last week and a price of $49 for the international card, it seems like a solid option. Shifting gears back to this game, I initially had planned to play the Dolphins with Travis Kelce at Tight End in a deep roster contest.

However, following George Pickens' underwhelming performance in the Thursday night game, scoring only 1.9 points and nearly nullifying the lineup's cash equity, I've moved the Dolphins to the ELITE showdown contest, introducing a game theory play with Skyy Moore (I also happen to have his ELITE tier card).

At present, the main slate is presenting challenges. Both my ELITE-tier quarterbacks, Matt Stafford and Justin Fields, are out due to injuries. My primary team comprises players from both Miami and Cincinnati, who are both on an island game this week, essentially leaving me with no alternative but to acquire a few cards. Luckily for me, the marketplace value of ELITE tier cards was strained again this week due to the most recent pack drop, making this a favorable week to have to add cards to the portfolio. 

First, I needed a quarterback. With prices down across the board, especially for those playing on the main slate, only two quarterbacks are priced over $200 at the ELITE tier, Dak Prescott and Jalen Hurts. Sam Howell came close, just shy of $200, while others such as Geno Smith, Derek Carr, and Josh Dobbs were around the $150 mark.

However, I opted for a quarterback priced under $130, playing in the 4:00 game, who hasn't played since week 5 but previously scored over 30 points in a game this year – Daniel Jones. The Giants' disappointing season notwithstanding, with Jones back in the lineup, no injury designation, and prices at an all-time low, facing a weakened Las Vegas team, it seemed like a great opportunity to make a bargain purchase.

In my running back roster, I currently have various time-splitting running backs, including Roshcon Johnson, D'Onta Foreman, and A.J. Dillon. However, I was missing the second piece of the Green Bay backfield since I sold him a few weeks ago for over $200 – Aaron Jones. Despite a few limited games due to his hamstring, Jones is now back and 100% healthy for the first time since week 1. Therefore, it looks like it's a week of partying with the Joneses for me.

In completing my main team, I'm leveraging the Cowboys-Eagles game with Devonta Smith (already in possession of his card) and CeeDee Lamb. Given the chance to play Lamb up a tier following the removal of his superstar status, my team is shaping up well. However, I still have one spot to fill, and entrusting Cooper Kupp without his quarterback seems a bit risky. So, I'll split up Aaron Jones and Kupp into separate teams. If Jones has an exceptional game, I'll consider adding Saquon Barkley to pair with his QB Dan Jones. On the other hand, if Cooper Kupp excels, I'll consider adding Tony Pollard, D'Andre Swift, Josh Jacobs, or Jonathan Taylor.

These moving parts for a single slate may seem complex, but with a top prize of 50K this week at the ELITE tier, it's a strategic play. Now, let's explore some of the best game stacks and the injuries that might impact lineups this week.

Week 9 Slate Breakdown

Week 9 offers a Classic Slate with 11 games. Instead of a detailed breakdown, I'm highlighting crucial statistics, key injuries, and a few primary targets.

Game Info

  • Top Projected Game: Dallas Cowboys vs. Philly Eagles 
  • Lowest Projected Game:  New York Giants vs. Las Vegas Raiders
  • Top Projected Team: Cleveland Browns 
  • Lowest Projected Team: Arizona Cardinals 

Key Injuries & Replacements

  • Matthew Stafford (Q) > Brett Rypien 
  • Drake London (Out) > Mack Hollins & Kyle Pitts 
  • Emari Demarcdo (Out) > Keontay Ingram
  • Dameon Pierce (Out)> Devin Singletary
  • Deshaun Watson (Out) > PJ Walker 
  • Curtis Samuel (Out) > Jahan Dotson/ Jameson Crowder
  • DaVante Parker & Kendrick Bourne (OFS) (Out)> Demario Douglas & JuJu Smith 
  • Justin Fields (Doubtful)> Tyson Bagent 
  • Josh Downs (Q) 
  • Darren Waller (Out)> Daniel Bellingford 

Top Game Stacks (Filled with Eagles vs Cowboys) 

  • Jalen Hurts with AJ Brown & CeeDee Lamb: 65 Points
  • Jalen Hurts with AJ Brown & Tony Pollard: 62 Points
  • Jalen Hurts with Devonta Smith & CeeDee Lamb: 61 Points
  • Dak Prescott with AJ Brown & CeeDee Lamb: 61 Points 
  • Lamar Jackson with Mark Andrews (or Zay Flowers) & Kenneth Walker: 57 Points

Top Targets

  • QBs: Daniel Jones (NYG), Geno Smith (SEA) 
  • RBs: Aaron Jones (GB), Jonathan Taylor (IND) 
  • WRs: Devonta Smith (PHI), Demario Douglas (NE) 

There you have it! Good luck to everyone this week with your Reignmakers NFL Week 9 Lineup!

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