NFT Artist Roundup | DeeKay Kwon's "Life & Death" Sells for $1M

NFT Artist Roundup | DeeKay Kwon's "Life & Death" Sells for $1M

As the NFT scene continues to hype 10,000-piece profile picture projects, various digital artists are diligently creating and growing in the NFT space.

In this weekly recap, we'll break down some of the most notable NFT Artists and their upcoming and most recent works.

This week we will be featuring DeeKay Motion, Manoloide, Alpha Centauri Kid, DrifterShoots, and OSF. 

DeeKay Motion's "Life & Death" Sells For $1 Million

Famous NFT motion artist, DeeKay Motion, recently broke his previously recorded all-time high for a 1/1 sale.

His piece "Life and Death" was collected by @cozmomedici for 310 ETH or $1M last week Thursday. 

After the sale, DeeKay and Cozomo both crafted Twitter threads to describe their emotions throughout the process. 

DeeKay's collection of work steadily grows as his gears shift focus back to the "LetsWalk" collection which has three rounds of 9 NFTs left to drop. 

He has teased the idea of a PFP project following the completion of the "LetsWalk" series but all with no official confirmation.

Manoloide 270 ETH "Mantel Roja" Sale

Manoloide is a generative artist living in Argentina who specializes in the creation of geometric shapes and colors.

Manolo Gamboa Naon has generated a strong following with his last couple of auctions breaking 40 and 50 ETH, respectively. 

Last week his 2018 piece "Mantel Roja" was resold for 275 ETH on SuperRare. One of the earliest pieces listed on SuperRare, the $800,000 sale marks and all-time high for the collection. 

Alpha Centauri Kid's "misterShady"

Famous digital artist @lphaCentauriKid has begun to auction pieces in an "ACKPFP?" collection. The first piece to be auctioned, "misterShady," was sold yesterday afternoon for 8.88 ETH.  

The description of the project reads "idk i'm going to give it a lot of thought tho."

Although not confirmed the creation of three originals and teasers of a fourth auction incoming, the likelihood of PFP collection from Alpha Centauri Kid seems to be rising. 

DrifterShoots Open Edition

NFT photographer DrifterShoots completed his "First Day Out" open edition selling 10,351 editions at 0.20 ETH.

After the sale, Drifter joins FEWOiCIOUS and XCOPY in successfully dropping an open editions in the last month. 

OSF Reaches an ATH 

OSF, an investor and artist in NFTs and web3, who broke an all-time high sale this week with "Lova Park" reselling for 82.8 ETH on Sunday. 

In tandem with the recent sale, his "Red Light District" project has gaining significant traction, registering sales of 8 and 10 ETH this week. 

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