NFT Artist Roundup | Killer Acid Sells "The Scream, 2022" for 31.069 ETH

NFT Artist Roundup | Killer Acid Sells "The Scream, 2022" for 31.069 ETH

As the NFT scene continues to hype 10,000 piece profile picture projects, various digital artists are diligently creating and growing in the expanding NFT space. In this weekly recap, we'll break down some of the most notable NFT Artists and their upcoming works. This week we will be featuring a top selling generative artist, an up-and-coming 3D animator, and three other unique NFT artists. 

Killer Acid

Killer Acid continues to make waves in the NFT space selling "The Scream, 2022" on Super Rare for 31.069 ETH this afternoon. After a bidding war between @spartanblack_1 and @radiosolace broke out, the price skyrocketed from 13 to 30 ETH within the last hour of the auction. 


Killer Acid joined the NFT space back in 2018 and has gained notoriety with his latest two Super Rare auctions both reaching resting prices above 30 ETH.  

Tyler Hobbs

Tyler Hobbs is a generative, digital artist hailing from Austin, Texas. His works focus on algorithms, plotters, and paint.

Tyler writes and programs custom code that can be used to generate visual imagery, in his attempts to strike a balance between structured computer imagery and natural, organic art.

Hobbs' work is valued at upwards of $100M with his highest single piece sale "Incomplete Control" going for $181,285.77.  Yet, he's most most famous for his work with the generative Art Blocks Curated collection, "Fidenza."


Tyler is quoted as saying Fidenza's are his "most versatile generative algorithm to date."

The community has agreed with this sentiment trading nearly 25,000 ETH worth of the 1,000 piece collection since its release, pushing the floor price to 50 ETH at the time of writing. 

Now Tyler Hobbs has been working on a series 1/1 plotter drawings in a collection entitled "F(l)ight." Having only released images on Twitter, Hobbs has yet to mention if any of these new algorithmic drawings will go up for sale. 


Jonathan Lindgren

Jonathan Lindgren is an up-and-coming 3D animator from Stockholm who works with soft, free flowing animations. As an award winning artist and 3D designer, Lindgren has worked with clients such as Google, Apple and Microsoft.

He joined the NFT scene a little over a year and has found success with his 1/1 works and Tiny Heroes NFT collection. 

His 1/1 of pieces can be found on Foundation and have sold to other established artists like DeeKay Motion & Vollut.eth. Pieces have ranged from 0.25 ETH - 1 ETH with his top auction "Wind Tempos" going for 3.124 ETH. 


After growing a following in the NFT space, Lindgren has begun to work on a collection of miniature hero 3D figurines entitled "Tiny Heroes." The collection has been primarily available through early access which can be received through various competitions within the Tiny Heroes Discord.

Each character ranges from 0.25 ETH to 0.6 ETH depending on rarity class and currently holds a 1.25 ETH floor. 

In tandem with the "Tiny Heroes" collection, Jonathan has been teaming up with projects like Cycl:R to create other Tiny Heroes artwork outside of the collection.

Although a smaller following, ~5,000 Discord followers, as an artist, Jonathan has been growing and succeeding in the NFT space this last year. 


XCOPY one of the most recognizable names in NFTs, hails from London and has sold nearly 2,000 NFT pieces. These works now have accumulated a total value of roughly $45M with a high sale of $4,358,359.20 for "All Time High in the City."

XCOPY, an anonymous digital artist, creates work with a focus on death and dystopian worlds, often including looping and flashing imagery.

Most of the works come with an epilepsy warning, with his famous "Right Click and Save As guy" being featured on BBC. 


XCOPY has not released any information on upcoming auctions or drops, but his collection "Grifters" continues to hold a 12 ETH floor as the cheapest entry point to any XCOPY work. 

Vinnie Hager

Vinnie Hager is an American artist and designer from Baltimore, Maryland who specializes in thick colorful line art.

Hager studied visual design at community college before attending Maryland Institute College of Art where he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. 

Vinnie's big break into NFTs has been his "Letters" collection, a set that includes 1,000 hand illustrated 1-of-1 NFTs. Each Letter features his signature line work and colorful style. 



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